Two Days in Heyuan [inc. The Top Attractions and Places to Stay]

Heyuan is a city famous for its beautiful lake and the culture of the Hakka people, one of China’s larger minority groups. I had a chance to ride shotgun on a family trip from Qingyuan to Heyuan, so I jumped on board.

The major attraction is Wanlv Lake, which almost seems like an ocean. It features cruise boats which hop between its islands featuring various attractions. It’s also the reservoir that feeds Hong Kong with its water supply.

The dishes in Heyuan are Hakka style dishes the most famous being Braised Chicken in Gravy, Dongjiang Beancurd in Stuffed with Minced Pork, Strewed Pork, Chicken in Aspic, Mandarin Fish braised in Broth, Preserved Duck, Streamed Grass Carp, Stuffed Tri-treasure, River Prawn in Wine Sauce, and Potato Filament Pot.

Heyuan has a history of over 1,500 years with major attractions being Wanlv Lake Scenic Zone and Dinosaur Ruins.

Other spots we checked out were the Bavaria Hot Spring Town, which is a replica of a Bavarian Town with loads of attractions for visitors. Nearby there is also a newly constructed Buddhist temple that’s well worth checking out.

Wanlv Lake






Bavaria Hot Spring & Fuyuan Temple









The Top Attractions in Heyuan

1. Wanlv Lake (Xinfengjiang Reservoir (新丰江水库)
2. Guishan Mountain Scenic Area (桂山风景区) – Yuancheng District, Heyuan
3. Sujiawei Scenic Spot (苏家围景区) – Sujiawei Village, Yihe Town, Dongyuan County of Heyuan
4. Dinosaur Fossils Museum (河源市博物馆) – Foot of Turtle Mountain, Bank of Dongjia River, Yuancheng District, Heyuan
5. Huang Longyan limestone cave (黄龙岩) – Zhangyuan Sheyuan Township, Dongyuan County, Heyuan
6. Asia’s Tallest Water Fountain – Heyuan Bridge – show at 7.30/8.00pm
7. Heyuan Bavaria Hot Spring, Water Park and Fuyuan Temple (广东省河源市源城区万洞旅游区巴伐利亚庄园) – Wan Dong Village Wan Dong tourist area, Yuancheng Qu


Map: The Top Hotels and Attractions in Heyuan