Hong Kong

The Star Ferry Hong Kong

Stra Ferry is a company that operates a ferry service that joins the Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island. 

Heading across the harbour

You could almost call the Star Ferry service one of Hong Kongs historic institutions, its been there since 1898 humbly carrying people from one side of the harbour to the other.

Tsim Sha Tsui Pier

The ferrys themselves are still the classic old ships, featuring beautiful timber construction with a large open feel, and nice big windows to take in the view of the harbour. the ferrys have a lot of charm about them and when matched with the impressive harbour views it’s no wonder that National Geographic rated this one of the worlds top 10 ferry rides.

cruising across the harbour....

The ferry service provides an odd to contrast to the rest of Hong Kong, the ferry ride is relaxed, peaceful and never hurried!

Central Pier

Whats even better is that the ferry ride only costs 6.30HKD (95 cents AUD). Star Ferry also run a tour of the harbour.