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The Peak Tram – Hong Kong

An icon of Hong Kong that just should be missed, this amazing tram has been operating since 1888, and has apparently has never had a day out of service! I’m glad I got to the tram when it opened, and enjoyed a relaxed ride up the peak. Later on through the day the place becomes over run with tour groups and the tram gets packed!

Inside the peak tram

The classic old tram runs up a steep climb all the way to the top of Victoria Peak . The tram itself doesn’t have a motor, its actually pulled up and down by a cable, with a huge electric motor at the base of the hill doing all the work.

Peak Tram coming up the mountain

At the peak itself there’s a small shopping centre next to the Peak Tower which features some shops along with a few cafes and restaurants. Inside the Peak Tower itself, theres several shops set up in a market style selling souvenirs and curios, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a Madame Tussauds.

Peak Tower

At the roof of The Peak Tower is a large open air viewing deck providing the amazing view of the citys harbour and hi-rises. Even though the view was shrouded in a thick misty haze it was still a sight.

panorama of the view from peak tower, click for larger image..

Victoria Peak also has plenty of walking tracks, and you can walk up and down the peak to enjoy the rain forest, flora and fauna. Still feeling like I’ve walked around China three times I chose to take the tram up and down.

Tram entering the station at peak tower

Peak Tram Map

Lower Albert Rd
Central, Hong Kong

Old Peak Rd
Hong Kong