Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum

What to do in Shanghai when the weather is terrible and you can’t see anything for the thick haze, check out the much talked about museum. It’s free, so why not!

It turns out the museum is huge, housed in a funky looking building on several levels is several varying exhibitions of ancient Chinese culture and artifacts.

Entry to the museum

 Exhibitions vary but on this day they included a gallery of ancient bronze works, ancient sculptures, ancient ceramics, a gallery of calligraphy, seals and paintings, Chinese currencies, ancient jade and furniture from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Ancient Chinese currency

 Many of the displays don’t allow photographing including anything that’s on paper (their concern is that the constant use of the flash may further deteriorate the fragile works) but here are a few shots from the some of the exhibitions that did:

Table and chairs with carved floral design and red lacquer made a long time ago (i cant remember!)
Period dress from many of the different ancient Chinese cultures
One of the many Tibetan Masks on display

Turns out the museum is well worth visiting, and if you’re a history buff or fascinated with Chinese culture you’ll probably want to spend a long time here. Come early to beat the cues, and definitely get there before the tour buses!

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