Pudong District and the Oriental Pearl Tower

Pudong District and the Oriental Pearl Tower

The Pudong District of Shanghai is a bold statement of a country about a modern city that’s on the move, in particular, the area along the Huangpu River opposite the Bund features an impressive array of modern hi-rise architecture.

It’s an impressive sight looking across the river from the Bund side. Unfortunately somewhat buried in haze during my time in Shanghai but still, it’s impressive. Particularly at night.

Looking at the Pudong District at night.

You can go across the Huangpu River from the Bud to Pudong via ferry or via the ‘Bund Sight-Seeing Tunnel’. I chose the tunnel to go over, or under..the Sight-Seeing Tunnel turned out to be a little overrated but I get the feeling maybe only half of the lighting effects where working at the time…

yep, it’s a tunnel with lots of lights

One of the stand-out buildings in the Pudong Area is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The building rises a staggering 468m into the sky with a design that looks oddly familiar to a space station out of a movie whose name I cant remember…

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV tower also features a sightseeing floor at 259 meters, a revolving restaurant at 267 meters and a space module at 350 meters.  

The Sight-Seeing Floor at 259 meters

The persistent haze pretty much killed what would be an amazing view on a clear day. With the haze so bad, I chose to skip the extra cost for going up higher to the Space Module at 350 meters.

To get back from Pudong to the Bund I went on the local ferry which costs next to nothing, its a pretty quick trip so there are no seats, everyone just piles into a big open space, I headed up the front of the boat for a view of the Bund at night…

The Bund at night, taken from the ferry

To get a deeper insight and lot’s of essential info for a rewarding visit see this article with key facts for visiting the Bund and this articles which has a list of all the sights in Pudong inc. the new skyscrapers.