Hong Kong

Hong Kong Harbour Symphony of Light Show

Victoria Harbour at Hong Kong for me was Hong Kongs main draw card, it’s one unique view that shouldn’t be missed. And it gets even better at 8pm every night when what they call the ‘Symphony of Lights’ begins.

The show is also a must see, featuring an amazing co-ordination of lights and lasers that are fitted to 44 hi-rises along both sides of the harbour.  What makes it special is the way the lights are coordinated with a musical score, the varying light effects and the sheer scale of it all.

The lighting includes hi-powered laser lights, others with roaming search lights and other hi-rises that are illuminated from top to bottom with a dancing array of colored lighting.

Photo: just some of the buildings that are part of the show...

The show runs for about 15 minutes, it’s free and its worth visiting more than once to take in the view from a different location. If you only have one night to see the show one of the best spots is from the Avenue of Stars, but get there early, maybe 15 minutes before the show begins…the show draws a crowd!