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Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

The harbour is a key feature of Hong Kong and really makes Hong Kong the special place that it is. The harbour has long been a trade port but also offers a visual feast for the visitor! The views really are something.

From the Kowloon side of the Harbour you can look across the wide calm waters to see the modern hi-rises of Hong Kong lining the harbours shore, and behind those is the mountains which form Victoria Peak. Day or night it’s an amazing sight. The weather was not so kind during my stay in Hong Kong, apparently blue sky days are rare but even so, it’s still a great sight.

Panorama of Hong Kong Harbour - click for larger image


Victoria Harbour at night - click for larger image


The harbour is home to a number of flotilla including cargo carrying ships, the odd private vessel and large cruise ships. The most common sight is the ferry boats which run services across the harbour.

A Star Ferry heads across the harbour while two cruise ships dock at the cruise ship terminal

The modern looking jetfoil ferrys which run between Hong Kong and Macau leave from the Shun Tak terminal. The CotaiJet also leaves from this terminal.

A Turbojet ferry leaves the terminal

Victoria peak offers a grand view of the citys harbour although the seemingly constant mist/haze/cloud that calls Hong Kong home doesn’t help with the view…

Its hazey but you get the idea...

Victoria Harbour Map

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