Ya Show Clothing Market (Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market) Beijing

UPDATE: this market is no longer

Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market is five floors of clothing and fashion (notice its name can sometimes be translated as Ya Show or Yashou or even Yaxui!). Including men’s and women’s clothes, suits, women’s bags, luggage bags, leather goods, shoes and more. It’s located right next door to Sanlitun Village, a new and ultra-modern shopping complex featuring many big brand name stores.

Inside the five-storey building is jam-packed with independently operated market stalls with staff that won’t let you past with you know what they have for sale! But note, if you see anything here with a brand name on it at Yashow Clothing Market, check the authenticity.

Also double check the quality. And when you buy something it may differ from the display item you inspected, so, take it out of the packet, check the size, style, and quality again before leaving the stall.

You have to haggle hard, really hard and most sellers speak English, relating to what they are selling anyway. Just like you’d be happy to get your goods for nothing, they are happy to get 5 times what they are worth. For example, I was quoted 350RMB for 5 pairs of no-name socks, yes, that’s close to $50AUD! She even managed to hold a serious look on her face! Lots of foreigners visit this market and it may be their first time in China, so they probably catch plenty of tourists who are jet-lagged or something! After some spirited banter and a few laughs, I got the socks for 30RMB.

There is a little bit of an art to bargaining for goods in China, the first thing to remember is to have fun. Haggling on price is a way of life here! But, the staff at the markets are seasoned sellers, and if you’re a man they’ll charm you and if you’re a woman they’ll flatter you, they’ll even put on sad faces, call you crazy when you offer a low price, and even act upset to try and make you feel remorse! Use the same tactics back, but always in a friendly fun manner, and be prepared to walk away as they hate losing a sale particularly if you have been haggling for 10 minutes!

On the top floor, there is also a tasty ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurant.

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Ya Show Clothing Market Chinese Address

58 Gongti Beilu Chaoyang District 雅秀市场 – 工体北路58号


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Chaoyang, Beijing, China


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