Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – KL LCCT Airport

For me this is my first visit to KL and I have to admit that I really didn’t do much research about the place! So everything to me is new, interesting and sometimes confusing! Oh yeah, when you see the sign saying ‘Keleur’ with an arrow, it’s not Malay for ‘this way to KL’. Apparently it means ‘exit’, which I discovered after walking back out to the to where the plane had just landed! It had been a long day…turned out to be a great place for a quick snap of the plane.

If your travelling Air Asia you’ll be landing at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) which is just over an hour away by bus from the city centre of KL.

Customs was no real issue, actually…..what customs, some guy just waved to me, ok then, he must have a magic x-ray wave…

Once youre out of the arrivals area the first thing you’ll probably see if you are looking straight down the hallway is……McDonalds. An oddly comforting sight, but I walked towards the domestic section where at a coffeee shop there for 3.50 rinngits you can get a cappacino that comes out in a bucket. Seriously, the mug was the size of a breakfast bowl but with a handle. Oh yeah, and 3.50 ringits is about $1 Australian. An odd tasting brew but it turned out to be the best coffee I had while in KL, Asians don’t really do coffee it seems, not they way westeners do at least….

mcdonalds at kl lcct

The airport is clean and modern with some shops including the usual perfume, and body care shops along with eateries and a couple of stores with general products including batteries, travel adapters etc etc. The airport is pretty easy to navigate as there isn’t much to it.

The toilets, at least the one that I went in, was the asian style squat type deal with no paper but instead a hose with a spay head attatchment that would be great for watering the garden but hmmmmmmm. The toilet was area was a bit of a hot steamy cesspool, so, I’d skip the toilet for now. Thats nothing against the people of KL, KL is a hot steamy place as I am going to discover.

Theres plenty of options for getting into KL the first being a line up of taxis, then a if you walk a little further I found the options of either a direct bus or a bus then fast train. Being a typical male I chose the ‘Fast Train’, only after the journey to wonder just how slow there non-fast trains are….So, just perhaps go on the direct bus but you do get to see some of the city on the train that you wont see on the bus, its not much though. Air Asia operate a direct bus called the ‘Skybus’ which only costs 9 ringits, their buses are clean and not overcrowded. Most of the buses and trains drop you at KL Sentral Station.

Once you get off the train at KL Sentral it’s pretty easy and cheap to get a taxi to where ever you need to go and most drivers seem freindly and speak english, some drivers will quote a fixed cost (usually always 20 ringits) or charge via the meter which will be probabaly be much less! More about taxis in a later post….