V Inn Hotel Xiamen

V Inn Hotel Xiamen

I’m glad I left the Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel to come here, whilst the room is not quite as nice, the service at the V Inn makes all the difference.

The staff are friendly, and some speak English, while at the four-star Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel, combined with a CTS travel agency, couldn’t book a bus ticket, the staff at this hotel had it done in minutes. Really so helpful.

Id also made this reservation with cTrip over the phone who managed to find a place at a great price even on the weekend with only hours notice.

As for the hotel itself, it’s a good walk away from the ferry terminal and Zhong Shan Road, but taxis are pretty cheap and seem easy to get hold of. I didn’t try the restaurant at the hotel, but at the end of the street, there’s a KFC if you need. This must also be ‘flower shop street’ as every second shop on this short street is selling bouquets.

The room was a good size, basic but clean, the bathroom was showing it’s age. The room had a free broadband connection too.

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