The Top 10 Hotels in Dongguan [inc. Top Ten Attractions, Transport and district guide]

The Top 10 Hotels in Dongguan [inc. Top Ten Attractions, Transport and district guide]

Heading to Dongguan for business or for sight-seeing? Here are my picks for the top ten places to stay in the area, plus the top ten things to see and do.

The city is located between Shenzhen and Guangzhou and is renowned as an industrial region being home to many factories along with several trade shows throughout the year. The area is surprisingly large, filling the space between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and the Pearl River and Huizhou on its other sides.

This you may not believe, but the city is home to some 44 million people! You see, Dongguan is a megacity, a city of cities which includes 32 towns. The largest town is Humen which is home to over 630,000 people.

Dongguan, especially with local Chinese, has a notorious reputation for its vibrant sex & massage services, although that shouldn’t worry anyone as you are unlikely to see or even notice it unless you really went looking for it. Dongguan is much more than that. The city is China’s fourth largest export area, home to a diverse range of manufacturing bases and skills, the Chinese home of basketball, ranked 13th in Forbes China’s listing of the most innovative mainland cities, 18th in Foreign Policy’s listing of the most dynamic cities in the world. It’s also home to numerous worthy sight-seeing attractions. Add to all that, that the fact that it’s also a key part in the new Greater Bay Area.


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The Top Ten Attractions in Dongguan

1. Naval Battle Museum & Opium War Museum (海战博物馆) – Humen Town, Guancheng District
2. Weiyuan Fort & Humen Bridge – Humen Town, Guancheng District
3. New South China Mall (新华南MALL) – Wanjiang Rd.
4. Keyuan Garden (Dongguan Park) – No.32 Keyuan Road, Guancheng District
5. Dongguan Yinxian Resort – Licheng Avenue, Changping Town
6. Qifeng Park – Qifeng Road, Dongguan Avenue, Nancheng District
7. Songshan Lake Park – Huanhu Road, Dalingshan Town
8. Dongwan Guanyin Mountain – Shixin Main Road, Zhangmutou Town
9. Dongguan Walking Street – West Road, Dongcheng District
10. Dongguan Museum – No.36 Xinfen Road, Guancheng District


The Towns/districts of Dongguan



District – CN name – est population – manufacturing focus

Dongguan central consists of four districts
Dongcheng Subdistrict – 东城街道 – Pop. 492,000 – Electronic products, furniture.
Nancheng Subdistrict – 南城街道 – Pop. 289,000 – Electronic products, metal products, shoes. Local government Base.
Guancheng Subdistrict – 莞城街道 – Pop. 162,000 – Electronic products
Wanjiang Subdistrict – 万江街道 – Pop. 244,000 – Electronic products, textile & garment, paper-made products.

Medium size towns
Shilong Town – 石龙镇 – Pop. 141,000 – IT products
Changping Town – 常平镇 – Pop. 386,000 – Metal products, woolen products, electronic products, rubber products
Humen Town – 虎门镇 – Pop. 638,000 – Textiles, electronic products, toys
Shijie Town – 石碣镇 – Pop. 246,000 – Digital products
Liaobu Town – 寮步镇 – Pop. 418,000 – Electronic and electrical products, computers.
Fenggang Town – 凤岗镇 – Pop. 318,000 – IT, garments & textile
Chang’an Town – 长安镇 – Pop. 664,000 – Electronic & electrical products, toys, shoes, textile.
Houjie Town – 厚街镇 – Pop. 438,000 – Shoes, electromechanical products, furniture
Tangxia Town – 塘厦镇 – Pop. 482,000 – Electronic devices, home appliances, Precision machinery

Smaller towns
Gaobu Town – 高埗镇 – Pop. 217,000 – Electronic products, plastic products, toys, metal products.
Qishi Town – 企石镇 – Pop. 121,000 – Artificial flowers, lighting, metal products
Hengli Town – 横沥镇 – Pop. 204,000 – Mould, electronic products
Qiaotou Town – 桥头镇 – Pop. 166,000 – Electronic products, rubber products, mechanical products
Chashan Town – 茶山镇 – Pop. 156,000 – Textile, toys
Shipai Town – 石排镇 – Pop. 160,000 – Electronic products, metal products, plastic products
Xiegang Town – 谢岗镇 – Pop. 99,000 – Electronic products, metal products, toys
Dalang Town – 大朗镇 – Pop. 310,000 – Woolen products
Huangjiang Town – 黄江镇 – Pop. 231,000 – Electronic products, rubber products, metal products
Qingxi Town – 清溪镇 – Pop. 312,000 – Computer & Accessories
Dongkeng Town – 东坑镇 – Pop. 138,000 – Electronic products, rubber products, garments
Dalingshan Town – 大岭山镇 – Pop. 279,000 – Furniture, electronic products, printing
Shatian Town – 沙田镇 – Pop. 177,000 – Electronic products, plastic products, metal products
Daojiao Town – 道滘镇 – Pop. 143,000 – Electronic products, food products, metal products
Hongmei Town – 洪梅镇 – Pop. 58,000 – Paper-made products, glass products, textile, leather products
Machong Town – 麻涌镇 – Pop. 118,000 – Paper-made products, textile & garments, food products
Wangniudun Town – 望牛墩镇 – Pop. 84,000 – Textiles, electronic products, metal products
Zhangmutou Town – 樟木头镇 – Pop. 132,000 – Rubber products
Zhongtang Town- 中堂镇 – Pop. 139,000 – Paper-made products




There are direct buses that go between Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, or Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, to the Airport Dongguan Check-In 东莞城市候机楼(侧门).

There are bus stations throughout the city that can connect you to cities within Guangdong and to other provinces inc. Hong Kong. Several of the major hotels have buses that stop at the hotel and connect to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the airports.

Three main bust stations for intercity travel are:

Dongguan Central Bus Station 东莞汽车总站 – Si Huan Road and Xin Wan Road, Qu Hai community, Wanjiang, Dongguan (万江曲海社区四环路与新万道路交汇处)
Dongguan Nan Cheng Bus Station 东莞南城汽车客运站 – No.99, Hongtu Road, Nancheng District (南城区宏图路99号)
DongGuan East bus station 东莞汽车东站 – Dongguan, Changpingzhen (东莞市常平镇)

There’s a list of all the stations and routes for Dongguan here.

For travel within the city, there are five convenient tourist lines

Line 1 (No.58): departs from Keyuan Garden to Humen from 06:30 to 17:40. CNY1.
Line 2 (No.59): departs from Dongguan General Bus Terminal to Jinsha Park in Shilong Town from 06:20 to 19:00. CNY11.
Line 3 (No.60): departs from the General Bus Terminal to the Hermit Villa in Changping Town from 06:15 to 19:00. CNY12.
Line 4 (No.89): departs from the General Bus terminal to the National Forest Park of Guanyin Mountain in Zhangmutou Town from 06:30 to 19:00. CNY6.
Line 5: departs from the General Bus Terminal to Green World from 06:00 to 20:00. CNY2.


The flag-fall price is 8 CNY which includes the first 2KM plus 1 CNY (fuel surcharge). Subsequent km are charged at 2.6 CNY per KM. At night add 20%.

Metro (aka Subway)

Dongguan subway line 2 connects Humen Railway Station and Dongguan Railway Station. The stops include Humen Railway Station – Exhibition Center – Shanmei – Liaoxia – Chenwu – Hadi – Xiping – Hongfu Road – Qifeng Park – Dongcheng – Tianbao – Xiaqiao – Liuhua Park – Chashan – Dongguan Railway Station.


Dongguan Railway Station – services Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, and Shenzhen Railway Station (Luohu) via fast intercity C type trains.

Dongguan East Railway Station Train – is only serviced via long-distance trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu. These are the older K and T type trains with sleeper options.

Humen railway station (虎门站) – this station is serviced by the fast bullet G type trains and connects to Guangzhou South and Shenzhen North Stations.

Zhangmutou railway station (樟木头) – services Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, and Shenzhen Railway Station (Luohu) via fast intercity C type trains.


Hotel List – These Dongguan hotels are chosen and rated based on their suitability for foreigners, proximity and guest reviews.


Leisure Hotel 4-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located 11 miles from Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre in Dongguan. It features a restaurant and free WiFi throughout the property. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.


Pullman Dongguan Forum 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Centrally located in Dong Cheng District, with direct access to Qi Feng Mountain. It offers 2 pools, free Wi-Fi and an art gallery.


Dongguan Kande International Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

A 2-minute walk from Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition Center. It provides you with comfortable and luxurious accommodations with modern facilities.It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a spa centre, a tennis court and 5 on-site dining options. Additionally, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property


Hillview Golf Resort Dongguan (Former: Sofitel Dongguan Golf Resort) 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

A 3-minute walk from Hillview Golf Club. It offers 5-star accommodation in Dongguan Huying Country Park.


Grand Mercure Dongguan Shijie 4-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located in Shijie Town, a 15-minute drive from Dongguan Train Station. It offers a swimming pool and rooms with flat-screen TVs. Internet and parking are free.


HJ International Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located in Houjie Town, HJ International Hotel features upscale accommodation with well-equipped modern facilities and elegant decor. It offers 4 on-site dining options, an outdoor swimming pool, sauna rooms and a business centre with meeting and banquet facilities. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all areas and free private parking is possible at the property.


Kande Club Hotel 4-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located along South Kangle Road Commercial Street. It’s a 10-minute drive from Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre.


Aloft Dongguan Songshan Lake 4-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located in Dongguan.Offering a restaurant and a fitness centre Free WiFi access is available.


Grand Mercure Dongguan Humen 4-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Centrally located within Dongguan City, a short walk from Huanghe Shopping Centre.


Parklane Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Located in Donggguan, Guangdong Province. Features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pampering spa treatments and a private golf course.


Eurasia International Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Has 5-star luxurious accommodations in Dongguan. It features numerous recreation options including an outdoor pool, a tennis court and spa center.


Pullman Dongguan Changan 5-star hotel

Area: Dongguan

Centrally located within Changan business district, Dongguan. It offers a seasonal outdoor pool, a fitness centre and pampering spa treatments.