The Top 10 of Changsha: Attractions, What to Eat & Where to Stay

The Top 10 of Changsha:  Attractions, What to Eat & Where to Stay

Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, is home to 7 million people and renowned for its spicy local cuisine. For most tourists its a jumping point to head onwards to Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Wulingyuan, or Shaoshan and the birthplace of Mao Zedong. That’s a shame as Changsha offers quite a rich mix of history and cuisine.


The Top Ten things to Eat in Changsha



1. Steamed Nesting Birds (San Ceng Tao Ji  三层套鸡)
2. Spicy Chicken Cubes (Mala Zi Ji 麻辣子鸡)
3. Crisp Sesame Duck (Maren Xiangsu Ji 麻仁香酥鸭 )
4. Deyuan Steamed Bun (德园包子)
5. Non-Yolk Eggs with Mushroom (Huagu Wu Danhuang)
6. Kouwei Shrimp (Kou Wei Xia)
7. Dumpling in Soup (Liu Defang Tangyuan)
8. Changsha-style stinky tofu (Changsha Chou Doufu 长沙臭豆腐)
9. Mao’s braised pork (Mao shi hongshao rou 毛氏红烧肉)
10. Beer duck (piji u ya 啤酒鸭)




The Top Ten Attractions and Things to do in Changsha


1.Yuelu Academy (岳麓书院)
Address: 273 Lu Shan Lu, Yuelu Qu, Changsha
Admission: 50 yuan

2. Juzi Island (橘子洲)
Address: Xiangjiang River
Admission: Free

3. Mawangdui (马王堆)
Address: 89 Guhan Rd, Furong Qu, Changsha
Admission: 2 yuan

4. Jinggang Ancient Town (靖港古镇)
Address: Baojian St, Wangcheng, Changsha
Admission: Free

5. Tianxin Pavilion Park (天心阁公园)
Address: 3 Tianxin Rd, WuYi ShangQuan, Tianxin Qu, Changsha
Admission: Free

6. Changsha Window of the World(长沙世界之窗)
Address: No.485 Sanyi Avenue, Kaifu District, Changsha
Admission: 130 yuan

7. Shiyan Lake (石燕湖)
Address: Shiyan Village, Tiaoma Country, Changsha
Admission: 100 yuan

8. Kaifu Temple (开福寺)
Address: 136 Kaifusi Rd, WuJiaLing ShangQuan, Kaifu Qu, Changsha
Admission: 15 yuan

9. Changsha Ecological Zoo (长沙生态动物园)
Address: Xihu Village Muyun Town, Changsha
Admission: 80 yuan

10. Daweishan Forest Park (大围山森林公园)
Address: Liuyang City, 148 kilometers (91.96 miles) from Changsha
Admission: 50 yuan


Map: Top Ten attractions and places to stay in Changsha

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The Top Ten Places to Stay in Changsha

These Changsha hotels are chosen based on their reviews by fellow travelers, proximity to the city center and suitability for foreign travelers.


Wanda Vista Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Kai Fu, Changsha

A 5-minute walk from Wanda Plaza, Wanda Vista Changsha provides an artful oasis of pure comfort. It boasts an indoor pool, a fitness centre, and majestic meeting rooms.


Crowne Plaza Changsha City Centre 5-star hotel

Area: Kai Fu, Changsha

Located in Wuyi Square, Crowne Plaza Changsha City Centre offers luxurious rooms with internet access and a flat-screen TV. Providing free parking, it has 3 restaurants and 2 bars.


Sheraton Changsha Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Kai Fu, Changsha

Located in the Yunda Business District, a 10-minute drive from Changsha Railway Station. It offers a spa, a fitness centre and an indoor pool.


Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Furongguo Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Fu Rong, Changsha

Located in the business center of Changsha. It features a heated outdoor pool, a yoga room and 24-hour room service.


InterContinental Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Kai Fu, Changsha

Located in the heart of the North Star Delta, serves as the nearest international five-star accommodation to and from Changsha Huanghua International Airport.


Empark Grand Hotel Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Kai Fu, Changsha

A 10-minute drive from the middle of Changsha, Empark Grand Hotels & Resort offers 5-star rooms with flat-screen TVs. Featuring a pool and gym, it provides free internet and parking.

Howard Johnson Huachen All-Suites Apartment Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Yu Hua, Changsha

Located in Changsha. Free WiFi access is available.


White Swan Hotel Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Tian Xin, Changsha

Located in the heart of Tianxin District. It features contemporary decoration, an indoor swimming pool, and a hot tub.


Changsha Hopesky Hotel 5-star hotel

Area: Tian Xin, Changsha

Featuring European-style accommodation, the 5-star Hopesky Hotel was elaborately designed and offers collections at the property.


Longchamp Garden Hotel Changsha 5-star hotel

Area: Yu Hua, Changsha

Located 15 km from Wuhan-Guangzhou Highspeed Railway Station, Longchamp Garden Hotel Changsha features an indoor pool and fitness centre. Soundproofed rooms offer free wired internet.



Transport in Changsha



Changsha Huanghua International Airport serves domestic and international destinations. It is located 25 KM from the city center and transfers to the city are available via shuttle buses and maglev train (20 CNY) that connects to South Railway Station and Line 2 of the metro system.



There are two railway stations being the original Changsha Railway Station and the newer South Railway Station that services High Speed Rail services. You can get to South Railway Station via metro line 2 and major destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin, Tianjin, Xian, and Zhangjiajie.



There are three dedicated tourist bus lines as follows

Tourist Bus No.1 
Operation Hours: 06:00–22:00
Stops: Main Railway Station – Changdao Lukou – Wuyi Square – No.4 Hospital – Hunan Normal University – Mount Yuelu Scenic Area – Kejiao Xincun

Tourist Bus No.2 
Operation Hours: 06:00–21:00
Stops: Lijun Community  – Beichong Reservoir – Xiangzhang Road – Central Hospital – Anzhen Hospital – Shahe Street – Wuyi Square – Jiayi Former Residence – Juzi Zhou Bridge – Ferry Terminal – Hunan Chinese Medicine Hospital – Xiangya Hospital – Kaifu Temple – Hua Xia

Tourist Bus No.3
Operation Hours: 07:00–18:00
Stops: Railway Station – Liucheng Bridge – Tianxin Pavilion – Museum of Bamboo and Wooden Slips – Bixiang Street – Lingguandu – Xihu Bridge – Martyr Park (South Gate) – Yuanjialing – Railway Station



The flag fall is CNY8 and includes the first 2 km (1.2 mi). CNY2 is charged for each 1 km (0.6 mi) thereafter. Over 13 km (8 mi) and the rate increases to CNY3 per 1 km.





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