The Melody Hotel and Where to Stay in Xian

The Melody Hotel and Where to Stay in Xian

Stupidly, I hadn’t booked a hotel when I went to Xi’an and by the time I got on the bus from the airport I was starting to get a little nervous. Fortunately, as I got off the bus in the center of Xi’an it stops right out the front of the Melody Hotel. I walked straight in and booked a room, probably paying twice what I would have had I booked via the net….

The hotel is quite conveniently located right in the center of the city and it’s straight across the road from the Drum Tower, walking distance to the Mosque and the markets, walking distance to the Bell Tower and much more. Whilst it’s not sparkling new by any means, the rooms are comfortable, clean and many have great views towards the Drum Tower.

I’m kinda glad I had a hotel that was quite central within the city walls, only for the sake of making it easy to see some of the key attractions.

Melody Hotel Address: 86 West Street, Xi’an

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