Once upon a time, so slowly, so beautiful!

 A poetic tale, translated and reposted from wechat:

Once upon a time, so slowly, so beautiful!

Once daylight is very slow

Cart, horse, mail is slow

A greeting, had to wait for days

Once upon a time the Moon is slowly

A bit busy and a bit lazy

In a cup of tea to pass the whole evening

In half a dream to see the stars all over the sky

Former pace slow

From one village to another village

Time to go day

The days slowly, very warm

Wrapped in a light fireworks

Day year

Once upon a handkerchief also good-looking

Most is the head of woman

Delicate, stitch

Once upon a love slowly

Slowly, through out my life and so a person

Slowly, and only enough to love someone

Now, quick to get up early every day,

No time to say good morning, too late to embrace.

In fact, in the city, 5 minutes, gossip, what little of my spare time, and it became a sample.

Now, what are replacement

Indeed, messy life can put together a better.

Is like a model with classic furnishings and modern decoration put together, less dull and antiquated, more delicate.

Now, we still have to keep up with the pace.

Towards your dream, take more effort, moved to the former leisure enjoyment in old age.

In fact, why not early planning for the future?

Now, dating with a loved one,

For dinner, there’s no time.

In fact, independent of time, is the psychology at work. With a calm, anthology book in the library, older Curie stroll around old time.

Now, coming here we recall in previous beauty.

Then the crazy thinking of those who pure world.

In fact, aside now, bored, go to Central Park, then close your eyes and let the good will be inundated, emptying that better world enjoying good.

No matter how slow the past, no matter how fast.

I know, lover of the tread and side, regardless of past or present, must do its utmost to protect.

We are the Filled with love, dreams, happiness, joy, blooms The people!