Food in China

lets eat.. Cicada


At first I was a little reluctant, I am sure you understand, but as I watched everyone else sticking there toothpicks into the platter of crunchy bugs, I thought, well, when in Rome.

And I glad I did, they are delicious in their own way. Apparently they are also high in protein, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates according to a story on National Geographic here which also includes a bunch of recipes. And, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine they also have a variety of health benefits. So, lets eat!

On this day they where simply fried in a little oil till crispy, a little salt, and munch away.. A meaty almost peanut buttery kind of taste with a crispiness… YUM! Welcome to China!

Apparently Cicada (蝉 – Pinyin: Chán) are a quite popular snack in many parts of China, although they are a rare sight, one place you’ll probably see them is on skewers at snack stalls such as the famous Wangfujing Snack Street in Beijing.

beijing-market-st (1)

If you have some in your area and you’re craving a crispy insect snack, here’s the process and recipe:

1. wash and clean the little guys,then sprinkle with salt. place them into a pot of hot water, bring to the boil, then brine for a couple of hours in salty water, then drain.

2. add some oil to a fry pan, get it near smoking point hot and add the cicada, fry till golden and crisp, don’t burn them, keep tossing them around. Drain off the excess oil and place on to kitchen paper to further remove excess oil.

3, add some salt, cumin and chili if you like.