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Inside a Walmart in China – Here’s five things you probably won’t see in a US Walmart

Supermarkets in China can be an eye-opening experience, I remember going to buy some chicken when I first moved here and, lo and behold, there was live chickens, pulled from the cage, beheaded and plucked before your eyes, it. Talk about fresh. Walmart is fairly tame, in comparison to the more traditional supermarkets, of which I’ll add some photos up in future posts.

Walmart is popular here, perhaps due to it’s perceived US prestige, but also by delivering quality goods, hygienic environment and high service standards, it has consumers trust. The US chain has done well to tailor itself to the local market and there’s a lots of interesting stuff you probably wont find at your local US Walmart:

live turtles
Turtles – unfortunately I was not in the pet section.. these guys will end up in soups
Dried starfish, great addition to your next healthy soup…
Dried Cuttle Fish
chicken feet
chickens feet – marinated and steamed, these are one of Chinas #1 snacks
Chickens feet, pigs ear, and offal.. mmmm. snack time!
Chickens feet, pigs ear, and offal.. mmmm. snack time!



More from inside Walmart China (photos open in lightbox) If your comparing prices 1 USD equals about 6.26 CNY (RMB)