Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum is a fascinating walk through the history of Hong Kong, the exhibition covers right from the formation of the Island itself, it’s natural heritage, the British colonisation and through to the modern day.

Im not really into museums but this one is well worth the money and time. Its not just a set of posters and a collection of old junk, this exhibit features some awesome custom built displays that help place you right in that moment of time.

The later history of Hong Kong is particularly interesting, and the exhibit goes in depth to explain the Opium Wars with the British and the later British colonisation.

Once you get over the cruel reality of the British declaring war on the country because they wouldn’t buy their opium, it’s interesting to discover some of the positive aspects that the British has had on the development of Hong Kong and it’s culture. Perhaps even a positive effect on larger China.

The exhibition finishes up with a small tribute to Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China who introduced free market theories and established the first Special Economic Zones within China that have been so much a part of Chinas rising economic success.

Location Map – Hong Kong Museum

Kowloon, Hong Kong