Food in China

Hong Kong Cuisine – local snacks and specialities

A guide to some of the snacks and meals that are popular with the locals, and where to get them

[NOTE: this has translated from wechat and its a little imperfect, but I put here as a guide for food lovers looking for a genuine ‘local’ Hong Kong food experience.]

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beef brisket noodles

Description: Brisket was tasty, not chew bad, remains refreshingly noodle road, and no lye smell, as saying that I was the most hated that lye flavor, I think it’s smelly, soup is also not a lot of the grease, eating, half the soup to drink lol!

Shop name: Chee Kei

Per capita consumption: About $40


Argyle Street, Mong Kok 8 Langham place, 4 /f, 10 , shop;

Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay 33 , Telford Plaza, phase F27 Shop;

Connaught Road, Central 21-22 to ground floor, China commercial Club building 1 building;

Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 52 ground floor;

Percival Street, Causeway Bay 84 , ground floor;

Stone Nullah Lane in Wan Chai 70 Number.

Butao Ramen

Description: Ramen is very user-friendly, you can select surface soft, spicy was spicy and so forth. Shop signs in Dolphin King, gumbo, face soft plain. Start with soup, one can feel the very strong, dark and ate pork bone soup flavor felt a thick, but the only downside is the soup of oil are more healthful. His toughness and taste just right.

Shop name: Butao Ramen

Per capita consumption:$100


Fong and Ann 8-13 , and on the ground floor

Causeway Bay Tang Lung Street 40 , ground floor

Tsim Sha Tsui Minden 28 Jinrong commercial building, ground floor

wonton noodles

Description: Shop famous wonton noodles, wonton noodle packet method is the traditional Orthodox, from spaghetti, soup base to ravioli fillings, are meticulously combined, tried to see cloud-like pool not langdexuming. Daily ration of swimming shrimp wonton is the shop’s signature dish, by customers, generally sold at noon. So I want to eat something delicious, and earlier can be visited.

Shop name: Chee Kei

Per capita consumption About $40


Argyle Street, Mong Kok 8 Langham place, 4 /f, 10 , shop;

Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay 33 , Telford Plaza, phase F27 Shop;

Connaught Road, Central 21-22 to ground floor, China commercial Club building 1 building;

Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 52 ground floor;

Percival Street, Causeway Bay 84 , ground floor;

Stone Nullah Lane in Wan Chai 70

Burgeroom -Foie gras Burger

Description: As saying a few days ago went Burgeroom eat hamburgers, now that has all gone, that nature is to eat sign Hamburg -the foie gras Burger. Hamburg, looks very good, gravy much feeling will continue to flow out, starting from foie gras to eat Goose liver is fried crispy outside with soft, about six or seven mature, a succulent foie gras dinner and memorable. Cheese-beef covered with half-dissolved, felt the beef better than other Burger of beef eating, moderate beef-flavored, rich gravy, the most important thing is it comes off is pure beef, not mixed with other things, absolute quality hamburger steak. Other ingredients such as lettuce and tomatoes are also very fresh, of course, the shops are often booked solid, food and vegetable traffic soon, fresh is definitely within our expectation.

Although the foie gras Burger to $140, not with French fries and a drink, but I still feel pretty good, HA HA, for such a wonderful fresh hamburger in the hotel’s restaurant, definitely more than the price soon, so, I think I made some, hehe.

Shop name: Burgeroom

Per capita consumption:$100 more

Address: Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, 7 , ground floor

Intestine Snacks

Description: How can sweep the street in Mong Kok was less fat sister Mei, I myself have eaten dozens of times, every time there are many people queuing, to kill a snake cake. Eat Street snack, fat sister’s home is quite clean, are delicious. I bought the intestines, kidneys, hearts and tongues with the series. Very tasty to eat intestine and kidney; hearts and tongues with drops may not be acceptable to everyone, because we cannot deal with this would smell. But fat sister’s home is absolutely no smell, be dealt with. Coupled with mustard sauce, taste is a must.

Shop name: Fei Jie

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Dundas Street, Mong Kok 55 4A Shop

Pineapple Bun

Description: Office of Jinhua ice pineapple oil Super a, BU BAM, crisp meringue! Hot baked daily queues, and Ethan are going to eat. First there were ‘ wow great ‘ feeling of butter in the middle of ice, there is smell of lemon, pineapple served hot and crispy, oil, really satisfying moment.

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Port-au-Prince at Bute Street 47 , ground floor (ice Office of Jinhua)

sugar-snow ice

Description: Start listening to the people of Hong Kong on this dessert when thought and “flirting” has anything, it is called “Bai Fu, sugar.” Under the tangled, chose the famous snow ice and tasted really creamy and very smooth, much like the feeling of eating ice cream, small dumplings and other stuff is SideShow, taste, after all, the protagonist is a layer above that his stop of ice.

Shop name: Tong Pak Fu

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Hak Po Street in Mong Kok 99 G/f,

Pork Lo Mein

Description: Pork Lo Mein, pork meat is absolutely tender and smooth, even reinforced position smoke soft with the toughness of the meat, taste excellent; Rich South belt frankincense and elasticity, lots of gum, slippery abundance. Lo Mein is good Mong Kok with the juice to go with took, mostly without oyster sauce, pig plane accompanied by Braised Hou sauce, sauce, brisket is the column, and I loved the original wind very accommodating.

Shop name: Good Hope Noodle


Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, 18 , ground floor, 5-6 , shop;

Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok 123 G/f,

Wan Jia biscuits Imperial

Description: Zhiqian has times in Mong angle, after this between pancake Emperor, saw was took with pie is eat, seems is delicious, do for a gold foodie, I how will on so away does, certainly is to queued buy a to validation about La, I buy of is Donald Lee, according to its packaging bags of description, is with red Sufu, and pork and dish Pro made stuffing material, cake fried have is beautiful, brown Golden, completely no Coke, cake skin also does not is thick. Fresh pork filling, lots of gravy, not greasy, tastes great. Sesame seed cake, bottom is covered with the oil in the frying pan, very oily, so I didn’t eat on the side at the bottom. It has a good variety of flavors, such as Lady Huang, teeth cleaning, cake, pepper, sesame seed cakes, and so on.

Shop name: Man Ga International

Per capita consumption :$40


Dundas Street, Mong Kok 43P-S Hung fai building, ground floor units;

Tai Yuen Estate in Tai Po Tai Yuen shopping centre, 403 Shop;

Shantung Street, Mong Kok 40 G/f,

Good Mong Kok-fresh shrimp wonton

Description: Here of wonton not in other place eat to of greatly a of, but can a a of that, a bowl has four grain small of wonton, eat down found is shrimp more meat less of stuffing material, focused on health of people must will like, shrimp meat is of umami, here of wonton size is just good, plus high of noodles, is blindly will called of food.

Shop name: Good Hope Noodle


Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, 18 , ground floor, 5-6 , shop;

Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok 123 G/f,

Lan Fong Yuen-pantyhose milk tea

Description: Lanfangyuan’s first Hong Kong-style beverage ” Mandarin Duck “Pioneered the use of tea-bag punching, commonly known as pantyhose milk tea in Hong Kong style milk tea with creamy, apart from tea, and Lan Fong Yuen restaurant serves traditional tea foods such as toast Sandwiches, and other foods including baked chicken with scallions Diced grilled fish (remove the previous d), Butter pig Pork chop bun Tomato potato Tang Tong powder

Recommended reasons: grass-roots food industries in Hong Kong there is a famous saying: “Hong Kong tasted Lan Fong Yuen, you haven’t been to Hong Kong.” “Hong Kong’s first restaurant” in the title of Lan Fong Yuen, Hong Kong’s most exclusive tea shop, two treasures of the town shop is, pantyhose milk tea; second, the French toast! What’s the point without pantyhose milk tea!

Shop name: LAN Fong Yuen

Per capita consumption:$30

Shop address

Gage Street in Central, Central station D2 Exports, Central escalator next to flower Street, beside the PARKnSHOP

Sheng Xiang Yuan-lime honey crisp

Description: A lot of people say the crunchy exterior resembles Mickey Mouse. But I feel like a little Golden bear. Without further ADO, crunchy on the table for the first time picked up a, the smallest bite, crunchy was tepid, as the name suggests, really crispy. But not like a croissant, hand is broken. Outer layer of crunchy, the inner layer remains little bread the soft part, structured. Simple two words sufficient to describe“click”.

Strength just lemon juice, butter and spicy, honey is sweet. Thin layer evenly on the crunchy, then slow-roasted, the so-called “delicacy”, it’s just so simple. If you live nearby, believe that eating the crunchy will become my habit.

Shop name: Sheng Xiang Yuan

Per capita consumption:$40

Address : Merlin Street in Central 2 Food stalls

Curry beef

Description: Local pioneered broth Sirloin old,80 years Qian by big-name document do up,97 years up Yu song assigned Street set shop, by broth sirloin and the Curry Sirloin famous, soup late joined herbs processing, herbs selected material more will by season deployment, for full Hong Kong most well-known of sirloin surface shop is one of, curry soup Sirloin River, curry soup taste good thick, good has Macau Curry of flavor, soup also not is dilute, just good can hanging in Iraq surface Shang, Sirloin stew have is tasty, super delicious, It is little wonder that so many people have tried it.

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Gough Street, Central 21 , ground floor

King snake fern

Description: Wang fen guest of snake can be divided into 3 categories, one for the Snake’s second coming for soup; three coming for sausage. HO HO, since you are here, I decided to eat some soup and sausage, or excuse me, my stomach.

The first to talk about this bowl of snake soup, taste a bit light, added mushrooms, lemon grass, mushrooms, herbs, and other materials. (The green grass, and I didn’t want to know what is with this grass, but I see people are starting to put some in soup, okay, I clip just to try it. ) Is very large, large portions, of course, are not cheap too! A lot of snake meat, tasted very fresh, feeling the soup will be very moist, I drank a drop left.

“Mandarin Duck intestinal rice” of sausage and embellish, embellish than sausage delicious, sausage fleshy more thin, meat flavor not is special highlight, also no what wine, embellish is does is good, taste soft cooked, wine Shannon, eat to full Gan incense, rich of taste in oral in the cannot burst from, double intestinal of skin also crisp, and outflow of intestinal oil mix rice is incense is incense.

Shop name: Ser Wong Fun

Per capita consumption:$150

Address: Cochrane Street in Central 30 , ground floor

Chicken Kee cuttlefish

Description: Hong Kong is a tiny place, but are actually hid another tiny place than go along to small series “chicken to remember”! Chiuchow store in dry pasta and snacks between main and its signboard fried seaweed cuttlefish, fully chewing. It can be called a “projectile to share” all of shopkeepers cuttlefish with fresh fish every day, and then Jack into, then add the seaweed and chestnuts, is called fried. Apart from cuttlefish, a cuttlefish with gold cake is also very recommendable. Both blasted findings, bread, dipped in a sweet sour sauce, tastes terrific.

Shop name: Kai Kee Noodle

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 15 c

Hang fragrant wife cake

Description: Hang fragrant wife cake, all Golden, intact skin does not drop, put in the mouth, well, good to say anything. Mainly because the meringue is nice song, one layer will not stick together, but are not hard to stick together, the most important thing is not a lot of oil.Stuffing is soft but with a taste of melon seed paste filling bite tobacco-tough-tough but not hard, nor too sweet.

Shop name: Hang Heung cake shop

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Yuen Long Castle Peak Road, 64 ground (hang Heung cake shop)


Description: This store is the meat shop, besides meat, but also lamb, price is more expensive than pork, beef jerky, just bought the meat is cold, the first well in the refrigerator until cool.My favorite pork with honey-flavored, fleshy not too stiff, meaty, high quality meat.

Shop name: Kun Van Kau Food Company

Per capita consumption:$40;

Address: Yuen Long Yuen long main road 34E , Either on the ground floor

beef balls

Description: Yuen Long food a lot, victory and beef balls is one of net and beef balls $27 a bowl.No ingredients such as scallions and steamed, net and beef balls, is simply to be balls and soup.Broth is good drink, thick of cattle soup flavor, couldn’t help will again to half bowl! cattle pills of appearance is quite smooth, each grain of round also good average, bite Xia Hou, oral feels cattle pills internal has juice flow out ~! cattle pills core Zhijian no too more of loan sharks loan sharks, density good high, so taste is is, also is refreshing, beef flavor really of thick.

Recommended reasons: Hong Kong Orthodox beef balls, not only refreshing shells teeth, smell and all, broth flavor write sweet, such a unique taste not to be missed.

Shop name: Victory beef balls

Per capita consumption:$27/

Shop address:

Hong King Street, Yuen Long 1 , Yu King square 20 Cheung Fat building, ground floor

G/f, Jevon, Kuk Ting Street, Yuen Long 1 Shop

Sichuan Noodles

Description: Sour and hot powder is the authentic Sichuan flavors, in addition to mince ingredients He Yanqian, a Sichuan shipping material is looking for someone from the back. Red Potato slippery shells teeth. Offers a restaurant inside the store with BB small spicy, spicy, spicy and spicy choices. As saying in Hong Kong this year, also ate a lot of hot and sour powder on the outside, but only if the powder is made me eat for more to eat, Oh, this says said, mouth, er, drool, taste is absolutely authentic.

Shop name: 傷心酸辣粉

Per capita consumption:$40

Shop address:

Man Tai Street Hung Hom Whampoa estate 8-10 , ground floor

Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay 50 Jardine’s Centre, 10 /f

Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 14 Mandarin Centre, 1 /f, 121 to 123 Shop

Yuen Long Yu King square 16 g/f, Cheung Fat building

Kwun Tong Hong Ning Road 42 , ground floor, shop

Prince Sai Yeung Choi Street South, 234 , ground floor

Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, 1 Kimberly square, 5 /f, R3

Dundas Street, Mong Kok 43 Dundas Square, 1 /f,

Fuk Wing Street Sham 116

Chung on street, Tsuen Wan 85 G/f,


Poached egg and almond cream

Description: This has over a century of history, oldest dessert shop in the city. Ice-room tower at the end, card, white light, there is that old man. No Pearl fishing, offers a traditional Cantonese only sugared water. Poached egg and almond cream, eggs are smooth, almond paste, broken foot portions, there is a scent of almond flavor, eat it feels moisturized.

Name: source Kee dessert specialists

Per capita consumption: about $40

Address: West ring Street 32 , ground floor (source Kee dessert expert)


Mistletoe egg and Lotus tea

Description: Mistletoe in old, effect the taste is good, and Lotus seed by hand every day to pick Wick, song melts in your mouth.

Shop name: Source remember the dessert experts

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: West ring Street 32 , ground floor (source Kee dessert expert)


Kee noodle house- Beef tendon noodle

Description: This is a very low-key shop, for more than 30 years, little exposure in the press, so his fame in the ring of nine Kee Kee Beef sirloin and Tai Po. But like beef brisket companion who will come automatically, is leaving her unique sauces.

Sauce by ground full of domineering soy sauce, topped with ginger, garlic and salt. Boss means braised and then leaching of cooking beef, after a night of total immersion, exposure to which tendon is satisfied the taste of this bowl of beef noodles smell unique.

Shop name: Kee noodle house

Per capita consumption :$40

Address : Mid Babington Road 1 M4A Shop


Suckling pig sausage

Description: Suckling pig of skin burn have crisp BU BU thin of, with little Jiao Jiaoxiang; lean has salty incense but skin Xia of fat is owes served, small series is love taste somewhat fat with fat incense of, ROAR roar, feel suckling pig of skin somewhat like senior and has meat incense of potato tablets; born intestinal well, that natural is drinking of share, bite entrance both cool and crisp and didn’t smell, dipped points sauce even is seafood sauce to made Xia wine, Oh, that absolute is first-class drops.

Shop name: Feng Cheng restaurant

Per capita consumption :$100


Java Road, North point, 62-68 /f, g/f and 1 /f

Prince Nathan 749 Eurasian Bank building, 1-2 building


SI Yi / Xiduoshi

Description: SI Yi-eating xiduoshi, soothing. Brazz in the afternoon only 2 when supply alone to the desk at least 30 minutes. But that’s half an hour’s worth, which is Hong Kong’s most delicious West. Delicious, slow work yields fine. Downs after the Brazz in egg batter dipped fried, here to beat the egg whites to come forward, dip Party Pack, then whisk the eggs were, with slow half-FRY until golden, soft protein more than the others, it’s no wonder that not only in the streets of the neighbourhood, and even famous people went to Stanley support.

Shop name: SI Yi

Per capita consumption :$30

Address Stanley market road 2


Rolls snack

Description: Still keep nostalgia flavor of intestinal powder small food shop, price economic and flow big, so intestinal powder can often keep soft cooked hot, he home of intestinal powder good sliding, volume have not is tight but also also is is delicious of, plus sauce material super good flavor, powder fruit also also good, is skin somewhat thick, beef pills taste great, each grain enough big, enough play teeth, price high.

Shop name: Si Yan Zi rolls

Address: Wo Fung Street, Fanling 43-45 , ground floor


Soft ice-cream

Description: To Hong Kong, has specifically find had this go go stopped stopped of ice cream car, but wants encountered only by fate has, this full Hong Kong memory of ice cream car, appeared of when also is can attract many people surrounding in next to, seems suddenly returned to has childhood, fresh manufacturing of is ice cream, not variable of is belongs to Hong Kong of cool memory, you also remembers those years eat had of ice cream did?

Shop name: Mister softee truck;

Address: Mobile vehicle


Kam halogen wonton

Description: This dish is the essence of treasures within its five willows juice-Jane livers, squid, prawns, pork … … [ The United States ] produced by Kam halogen wonton noodle-legged, four treasure above all. Patches of bright-Golden fried wontons in willows sauce rolled over twice, na of sweet and sour sauce, into the mouth, Wow, what a good appetizer to enjoy, of course, eating fried wontons, which Wu Liu must finish with sweet and sour sauce, Oh, poor waste drops.

Shop name: American restaurants

Per capita consumption:$40-$100

Address: Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, 63 , ground floor


Chelsea face

Description: Sometimes, too many choices but easier for people to make the wrong choice.Particularly in the face of Chelsea when a grid is a grid of multiple choice, many people gets half-hearted. A. e well,b. squid good,c. mushrooms don’t do it … … Which to choose which do, HO HO, now, listen to me slowly, and to come to this store, before you select other, please select the radish and acid fast. Acid vegetarian sweet and sour sauce is their work, Heniz vinegar is modulated by acidity levels. Plus soaking the gluten is very chewy, so it was highly appreciated. Radish, sweet flavor, Citai few reinforced slag. Their soup to chicken and pork slowly cooked overnight, and for this soup, everyone is willing to stand up and eat!

Shop name: Chelsea face home

Per capita consumption : About $40

Address Chai Yan Dun Street, 1


Teochew fried Oyster cakes

Description: Fried Oyster pie country struggle, for years, has never subsided. Fried said fried right, fried said French right, exactly who is authentic, it’s hard to decide. But I personally favor cake for Fried oysters, fried Oyster cakes and crisp edges are my favourites.

Restaurant cold store with a half century history — of lufa, its signboard fried Oyster cakes, but I loved to love, haha! Voice of the father of the owner is said to be ancient method, with duck egg and French Fries Fried ROE. Duck eggs, more aroma and taste of fresh oil. 8 had high cholesterol.Oyster pie of duck for material, there is a strange fragrance, plus master control temperature properly, Oyster pie had almost no soil.

Shop name: Lufa

Per capita consumption:$41-$100

Address: Reclamation Street Prince 625-627 , ground floor

Chao yuan-fish ball noodles

Description: This Chiuchow fish ball noodles restaurant outlets across Hong Kong, Wan Chai shop quality. Selling fish balls and beef balls are cuttlefish of coffee or tea, but eat fish eggs to make Hong Kong the best. Breaking up play and the machine, but hand does much good, fish soup is thick, textured tough play, only in the territory. Fish balls with fresh eel, nine Club, is a typical Chaozhou. His family’s beef pie is not to be missed, is squashed beef balls, entrance and cool shells, beef flavors.

Name: Chao yuan

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Spring Garden Street, Wan Chai, 37 , ground floor

Tim good luck restaurant-abalone cakes

Description: This abalone crisp came up, I felt, Wow, really like abalone, tastes good, crisp outside, not too hard, not too oily, OK , Oh!

Shop name: Tim good luck restaurant

Per capita consumption :$40

Address: Fuk Wing Street Sham 9-11 , ground floor


Lard shrimp Lo Mein

Description: Lard under the traditional shrimp ROE noodles, with lard flavor, not too sweet, noodle is elastic enough, delicious!

Per capita consumption: About $40

Shop name: Available maienyun swallow / wonton noodles

Address: Wellington 77 , ground floor


Golden Phoenix restaurant-pineapple bun

Description: Egg tart, pineapple buns and a variety of pastries, is Cantonese food. Hong Kong has many excellent bakery, small introduction for you today is the Golden Phoenix restaurant in Wan Chai, to eat at this exceptionally good old-fashioned restaurant business, may have the jump seat and mentally prepared. Pineapple bun was delicious here, especially after the thick layer of butter inside of bread and was delicious. Also recommend the chicken pie, espresso cream meringue inside is juicy chunks of chicken, people meet.

Shop name: Golden Phoenix restaurant

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Spring Garden Street, Wan Chai, 41 , Spring Garden building


Viet Nam yalv-Viet Nam fried spring rolls

Description: Now this fast paced society, many things are because of the time and to simplify, many restaurants will do for time to discard all bad or does not want to do the steps. But the boss is a bit of standing up against time here, such as Viet Nam spring rolls, the owner gave up ready-made pastry, use thin rice paper dipped in finely fans instead, constitute a unique thin and crispy crunch. But the spring roll was good, fish sauce is also needed support. Acids accumulate in fish sauce and fresh is the store, add garlic and carrot size ornament, have enjoyed this delicious every time.

Shop name: Viet Nam sub-Lui

Per capita consumption :$40

Address: Bulkeley Street, Hunghom 12A


Stephen Chang – Curry squid

Description: “Stephen CHEONG” Curried squid sold and totally seventies flavor, just people selling squid, faces much trace of Crow’s feet. Shop for two generations are Curried squid is ennobling, stick with Squid, one-stop wayby the selected goods, soaked, salted and fried and all steps are hands-on. When handling with cuttlefish, this shop will never add borax to crisp, there’s a strong flavor of the original, more than 40 years of skill, was spread upon this squid.

Shop name: Chuen CHEONG food

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, 150 d Pu


Tim good luck pastry shop-sand pig intestines

Description: Sand pig intestines, colon vermicelli clear enough, but there just aren’t enough slide, but inside the pigs run-very pleasant, overall, the taste was good.

Shop name: Tim good luck restaurant

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Fuk Wing Street Sham 9-11 G/f,


Yunnan and Sichuan-noodle-spicy rice noodle

Description: This is famous for its hot and sour noodles, soup using pork and Chicken Cook, plus boss home pickled sour mustard and homemade hot oil, the flavor is fresh, sweet, sour, spicy, is eating less than in other places, well, read wrote, I’m drooling Rice noodle with his family’s tobacco-tough elastic, full name is Cook, won’t Cook early in the morning. All ingredients in skillet Saute before you go into a bowl, fresh taste. Most ingredients are homemade, chopped fried bean sauce with pork meat and pig meat, and sauce in zhaotong in Yunnan province, and tasty enough.

Shop name: Yunnan and Sichuan noodles;

Per capita consumption:$40;

Address: Four Pei Square in Tsuen Wan 14 G/f,

Ocio Waffle shop Ocio Waffle

Description: Shop of Wo husband is that called that business , business method to Western Wo husband of traditional recipe and Chef of research and improved of , taste outside crisp within soft,distribution to fresh jam and ice cream edible taste special, not containing any artificial spice ,pigment and butter , guarantee fresh and low fat, enjoy Shi distribution to fresh jam and ice cream edible , Tastes more fresh and special.

Shop name Ocio waffle shop Ocio Waffle;

Per capita consumption:$40;

Address: Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok 1 G/f, Yan on mansion 14D Shop

Group-Kee beef River beef brisket

Description: Beef brisket, whole fresh pork, does not like to eat frozen beef stew-like finish to sticky. Parts, crisp pork belly, pork, Butterfly Pork, rib, beef and cattle to the naked eye beads.To FAT to skinny to be ren bite, orders, said just now. Finished remember to drink soup, soup says more than 30 of his home many gold beef brisket and beef bones to get through, the smell of meat overflowing, drank like lip gloss coating gum-stained, do not drink it’s your loss.

Shop name: Group Kee beef River

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Tai Ming Lane, Tai Po, Tai Po Hui 26 , ground floor, (Group Kee beef River)


Li able eggs, North point

Description: Egg bake it color is brownish yellow, outer with micro-focal points, eat more crispy, crack the eggs, a little hollow in the Middle, and taste a little bit of smoke and tough, but it not much aroma eggs, and flour. Remember to eat the eggs, each with a shape like a ball, half white, half solid, eating crust crunchy, but egg remains soft.

Shop name: Li able eggs, North point

Per capita consumption: About $40

Address: Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 178 , ground floor ( North point Li able eggs)

Fuyuan dumpling-Walnut paste

Description: Walnut paste nice texture Walnut worn smooth, eat Salsa tastes and Walnut is very heavy.

Name: Fuyuan dumpling

Per capita consumption:$40

Address: Fu Yuan, Fortress Hill, North Point Street 7 G/f, Lee I-1 Shop

Quartet cookies

Description: Cookies to hand-made, focusing on process details, nuts at the outset before joining the cookies bake slowly until after dissemination, spice roasted aroma is ground into a powder, retaining natural aroma of the ingredients. Choose quality United States organic flour, is the healthier choice. Choose France, and New Zealand quality butter, natural butter cookies delicately fragrant. Join the healthy elements, and choose nutrient-rich flax seeds, sunflower seeds, corn, Sesame, hazelnut, walnut, macadamia nuts, and so on. If Pi Rong uses all-natural ingredients, natural sesame oil, pure coffee powder, bring out the true flavor of ingredients. Slightly sweet, the weight of sugar.

Reference price:

Assorted cookies (9 / box):$158

Assorted cookies (11 / box):$188

Qu Qili chocolate box:$188

Birthday gift : $198

Shop address:

Lion Rock Road in Kowloon City 9A underground

Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 432-436 f, man Yue mansion, 1 , shop

New Town Plaza phase I, Shatin, New Territories underground 133 , shop

Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon 10B Ka fen building e , shop



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