A morning at Fei Lai Temple of Qingyuan

Reading the net and according to locals, during the week boat hire to Feilai Temple is quite expensive, so I was pleased to find that you can walk there. There’s actually lots of tour boats going up and down the river, but most are private chartered for tour groups and they don’t stop at the temple, although apparently there are other boats on the weekend.

The walk to the temple takes a track through the riverside village houses and on to a small track that follows the Biejiang river. There’s great views along the way and its about 30-40 minutes, quicker if you run, but don’t do that.

To get to Baimao Fishing Village take bus number 207, when you get off, walk to the river and you’ll see all the boats, then head left and follow the narrow path through the village houses and along the river. Remember to take some water and snacks.











Address: Fei Lai temple 飞来 walking from  Baimao Fishing Village, Take bus 207 which terminates at the village.

Guangdong, China

Guangdong, China