A day in Foshan City [inc. Top Attractions + Top Place to Stay + Map]

Foshan City of Foshan District, Guangdong Province, is located about 2 hours by bus from Shenzhen, and 30 minutes from Guangzhou. You can also take the metro from Guangzhou to Foshan. The area is known for being large base to the ceramics and furniture industry, but it’s also a city packed with culture, character plus scenic and historic sites.

Foshan consists of five administrative districts being Chancheng, Nanhai, Shunde, Gaoming and Sanshui Districts. So, it’s spread out over a pretty big area, it’s important to note, as when you ask for a bus from another city to Foshan, you’ll need to know where in Foshan exactly, as there’s several inter-city stations. Like me, more than likely it’s the city center your’e headed to first of all.

Along Zumiao Road of Chancheng District is where most of the action is, which includes shopping street, Baihua Plaza and Zumiao Temple. The city also features some quite impressive hotels including a Marco Polo, Swissotel and Crowne Plaza all located around the Zumiao Road area and within walking distance of the Zumiao Metro Station.

Attractions in Chancheng district (Foshan central) include:

Liangs Garden:


Zumiao Temple (Foshan Ancestral Temple):


Renshou Temple:


Nanfeng Ancient Kiln:


Getting there for me turned out not to difficult, I caught a public bus from Sanshui near the Garden Hotel and it stops very close to the Foshan Bus Station located on No. 6, Fenjiang Middle Road, Chancheng District. On departing I caught a bus from this station straight to Shenzhen in about 2 hours travel time. You can walk from the station to Liangs Garden, then Renshou Temple and to Zumiao, or take a taxi.

More attractions in outer districts of Foshan

Xiqiao Mountain in Nanhai District
Nanguo Peach Garden, Nanhai
Thousand Light Lake, Nanhai
Qingyun Cave, Nanhai
Nanhai Film and TV base of CCTV, Nanhai
Qinghui Garden on Qinghui Rd Daliang Town, Shunde
The World of Flowers in Chencun Town, Shunde
Xishan Temple, Shunde
Lotus World in Sanshui
The Giant Sleeping Buddha in Sanshui (see previous post)
Daqitou Ancient Village, Sanshui
Zaomu Mountain in Yangmei, Goaming

In Lecong Town of Shunde District you can find over 3000 furniture stores in the area known as International Furniture Town. It’s a 15 minute taxi ride from Foshan City center.


Map featuring Foshan City Hotels and Attractions


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