40+ China Podcasts – History, Politics, Business, Geopolitics, Culture, and Language

40+ China Podcasts – History, Politics, Business, Geopolitics, Culture, and Language

Want to learn more about China? Learn to speak Chinese? How about listening to the latest views of China watchers, political figures, and current affairs in China? Well, here is my pick of the top 40+ podcasts that are freely available on the internet.

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The China History Podcast

Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5000 years of Chinese history and culture.

XML: http://feeds.megaphone.fm/ADL6178904608 Website: https://teacup.media


The History of China

An audio journey through the 5000-year history of one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations.

XML: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheHistoryOfChina Website: https://thehistoryofchina.wordpress.com


Chinese Characters

Series of essays exploring Chinese history through the life stories of key personalities.

XML: https://podcasts.files.bbci.co.uk/b09zgd6y.rss Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09zgd6y/episodes/downloads


Sinica Podcast

A weekly discussion of current affairs in China, hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn

XML: https://supchina.com/feed/podcast/sinica Website: https://supchina.com/feed/podcast/sinica


The Caixin-Sinica Business Brief

A weekly podcast that brings you the most important business stories of the week from China’s top source for business and financial news. Produced by Kaiser Kuo of our Sinica Podcast, it features a business news roundup, plus conversations with Caixin reporters and editors.

XML: https://supchina.com/feed/podcast/caixin Website: https://supchina.com/podcast/


China in the World

The Carnegie-Tsinghua China in the World podcast is a series of conversations between Director Paul Haenle and Chinese and international experts on China’s foreign policy, China’s international role, and China’s relations with the world, brought to you from the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center located in Beijing, China.

XML: http://carnegietsinghua.podomatic.com/rss2.xml Website: http://carnegietsinghua.org


Two White Chicks in China

Hollie and Nora are here to answer all of your questions about living, working and playing in China. Hollie has been in China for over 3 years and is currently working as the Social Media Director of a tech company in Shenzhen. Nora has been based in China for over 5 years and is the co-founder of WrittenChinese.com. Discover how to negotiate with Chinese business people, what it really takes to learn Mandarin, how Chinese people let their hair down and any other questions you might wonder about what’s it really like to live in China today.

XML: https://www.writtenchinese.com/feed/podcast Website: https://www.writtenchinese.com/


China Tech Talk

China Tech Talk is a weekly podcast about what is happening on the ground in China’s technology and startup ecosystems.

XML: http://chinatechtalk.libsyn.com/rss Website: http://chinatechtalk.com


China 21

China 21 is produced by the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy. This podcast features expert voices, insights and stories about China’s economy, politics, society, and the implications for international affairs.

XML: https://rss.simplecast.com/podcasts/1911/rss Website: https://rss.simplecast.com/podcasts/1911/rss


China Path Podcast

The Australia China Business Council (ACBC) is proud to present the China Path Podcast – expert insight into doing business with China, featuring interviews leaders in business and government to help you maximise your commercial potential in China.

XML: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/../../sounds.rss Website: http://www.acbc.com.au/podcasts


Austrade China Podcast

Introducing market entry tips and inspirational stories in China for Australian businesses.

XML: https://rss.whooshkaa.com/../../id/3477 Website: https://www.austrade.gov.au/view.aspx?FolderID=7611


TechBuzz China by Pandaily

TechBuzz China by Pandaily is a weekly technology podcast that is all about China’s innovations. It is co-hosted by Ying-Ying Lu and Rui Ma, who are both seasoned China-watchers with years of experience working in the technology space in China. 

XML: https://supchina.com/feed/podcast/techbuzz-china Website: https://pandaily.com


Secrets to Doing Business in China Podcast

Doing business in China.

XML: https://www.omnycontent.com/d/../../podcast.rss Website: http://www.chinabusinessconference.com.au


China Digital Marketing Podcast

The China Digital Marketing Podcast is a show where local China-based experts give practical advice on how to promote your business online in China.

XML: http://walkthechat.libsyn.com/rss Website: http://walkthechat.libsyn.com


TIC China Network

Originally set up as an A-Z guide for anyone moving to China, but we have evolved into a network for anyone who wants to do a podcast about their lives in China.

XML: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/../../sounds.rss Website: https://www.acast.com/ticchina


China Jedi: Expat Life | Chinese Culture | Business | Travel | China

For those Living, Working or Travelling in China or Interested in Learning about Chinese Culture, Expat Life and Foreigners Perceptions. 

XML: https://chinajedi.com/feed/podcast Website: https://chinajedi.com



ChinaPower provides an in-depth understanding of the evolving nature of Chinese power relative to other countries. The project examines five interrelated categories of Chinese power: military, economics, technology, social, and international image. Through objective analysis and data visualization, ChinaPower unpacks the complexity of China’s rise.

XML: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Chinapower Website: https://chinapower.csis.org/


Opportunity in China Podcast

Opportunity in China produces a number of informational resources.  These resources offer the audience clear and relevant content on a variety of topics related to finding work, moving to, living in, and deriving the most value from experience in China, in conducting commerce with the Chinese market, and with the Chinese people generally.

XML: http://oicpodcast.libsyn.com/rss Website: https://opportunityinchina.com


China Influencer Marketing Podcast

Weekly interviews with the top influencers, marketers, and brands who share their experiences, strategies and tactics for influencer marketing in China.

XML: http://www.chinainfluencermarketing.com/feed/podcast/ Website: http://www.chinainfluencermarketing.com


Just China

Just China is a production of the University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts

XML: http://www.spreaker.com/../../../feed Website: https://www.spreaker.com/show/just-china


American Mandarin Society’s Podcast

The American Mandarin Society supports the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations.

XML: http://mandarinsociety.libsyn.com/rss Website: http://mandarinsociety.libsyn.com


The Chinese Herb Health & Longevity Show

Join Dr. George Lamoureux and John Bonds from JingHerbs.com to explore the history, healing, and empowerment of Classic Chinese Medicine, herbs, and thought. Dr. George Lamoureux, the founder of Jing Herbs, holds a Doctorate in classical Chinese medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified Medical Qigong practitioner. Dr. George also completed programs of study at both the Shanghai and Chengdu hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China.

XML: http://jingherbsradio.libsyn.com/rss Website: http://www.jingherbsradio.com/


Learn Mandarin by Podcast


Learn Chinese – Situational Mandarin Chinese Lessons

Improve Mandarin Chinese with Situational, Practical and Easy to Learn Mandarin Chinese Lessons. Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Level Learners.

XML: https://www.melnyks.com/feed/podcast Website: https://www.melnyks.com


One Minute Mandarin

One Minute Mandarin provides an introduction to basic Mandarin.

XML: http://feeds.feedburner.com/oneminutemandarin Website: https://radiolingua.com/shows/other-languages/one-minute-mandarin/


Learn Mandarin Now Podcast

Learning to speak Mandarin with situational context.

XML: http://www.learnmandarinnow.com/feed/podcast/ Website: http://www.learnmandarinnow.com


World Learner Chinese – Learn Chinese. Mandarin Chinese

Learn from experts in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language via our progressive multi-leveled training platform.

XML: http://www.worldlearnerchinese.com/rssfeed.php Website: http://www.worldlearnerchinese.com


Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Wei Lai

Mandarin Chinese lessons with Wei Lai is a video podcast to help you learn Chinese.

XML: http://www.weilaienterprises.co.uk/../…xml Website: http://www.weilaienterprises.co.uk


Mandarin Made Easy

Welcome to Mandarin Made Easy with your host Fi. This is a brand new learning platform for learning Mandarin Chinese at your pace. Grab a cup of tea and sit down with Fi. 

XML: http://mandarinmadeeasy.podbean.com/feed/ Website: http://mandarinmadeeasy.podbean.com


Learn Mandarin Daily

Learn a little Mandarin every day! Visit inspirlang.com for more Mandarin lessons or join our group discussion InspirLang on Facebook.

XML: http://inspirlangmandarin.podomatic.com/rss2.xml Website: https://www.facebook.com/inspirlang/


Mandarin for Travel and Beginners – Real Life Language

Byte-sized language files of Mandarin Chinese for everyday life. Create your own playlists of real, relevant language for a completely personalized language learning experience. These files only have the words and phrases- nothing else. Listen to these words and phrases and start speaking Mandarin Chinese right away.

XML: http://reallifelanguage.com/../feed/ Website: http://reallifelanguage.com


RTHK:Naked Mandarin

Learn Mandarin from a Hong Kong perspective.

XML: http://podcast.rthk.org.hk/podcast/nakedmandarin.xml Website: http://podcast.rthk.org.hk


Mandarin / English Bilingual

A podcast for learners of English or Mandarin – one of us will speak Mandarin, the other will speak English.

XML: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/../../sounds.rss Website: http://soundcloud.com/user-497801265


Public Domain Mandarin Course – Real Life Language

A complete Mandarin course.

XML: http://reallifelanguage.com/reallifelanguageblog/../../../feed/ Website: http://reallifelanguage.com/../../../../


Chinese Mandarin Cafe

Learn Madarin with Amy Lin.

XML: http://chinesemandarincafe.podbean.com/feed/ Website: http://chinesemandarincafe.podbean.com


Talk Chineasy – Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan

Learn Chinese with ease! Talk Chineasy brings you 7-minute daily Chinese lessons. Each day, ShaoLan and a special guest share interesting cultural insights and stories as they teach you a useful Chinese phrase. Our amazing guests include rock stars, artists, CEOs, professors, adventurists, scientists, and more. You’ll discover the rich culture behind the most widely spoken language, while you learn how to converse in basic Mandarin Chinese. 

XML: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/../../sounds.rss Website: https://www.chineasy.com/talk/


Learn Chinese | ChineseClass101.com

Learn Chinese with ChineseClass101! No more dry, out of date textbook story lines! Here at ChineseClass101, you’ll learn Chinese with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to. But not only are they fun – they’re effective too! 

XML: https://www.chineseclass101.com/wp-feed-audio-video.php Website: https://www.chineseclass101.com


Basic Chinese 1

No longer being updated but there are 19 episodes still available.

XML: http://macs01.ouhk.edu.hk/feed/el071w.its Website: http://ecentre.ouhk.edu.hk/cpdcourse/en/index.jsp


Chinese Podcast – Improve your Chinese language skills by listening to conversations about Australian culture

World Languages Podcasting provides a podcast series in various languages for the language student or native speaker to help improve language skills and knowledge of Australian culture. Each conversation is complemented with a full transcript and a page of language exercises that may be downloaded from the website www.worldlanguagespodcasting.com.

XML: http://www.worldlanguagespodcasting.com/podcasts/chinese.xml Website: http://www.worldlanguagespodcasting.com


HelloChina – Learn Real Chinese @HelloChinese

HelloChina, produced by HelloChinese, helps guide you through the Chinese that’s not taught to you in textbooks. Modern Chinese for Modern China. New shows every Monday and Thursday. Keywords, videos and language takeaways from each episode available on blog.hellochinese.cc

XML: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/../../sounds.rss Website: http://blog.hellochinese.cc/


Takeaway Chinese

 a 25-minute bilingual talk show covers the most frequently used basic dialogues, words & expressions, language tips & social culture, and stories behind the idioms. Take some Chinese away and experience a progress day by day. 

XML: http://feed.cri.cn/rss/.. Website: http://chinaplus.cri.cn/nihao/takeaway-chinese/


Learn Chinese Insights Podcast

Last updated in 2016, yet there are 37 episodes still available to be enjoyed.

XML: https://www.chineselearnonline.com/../../../../feed/ Website: https://www.chineselearnonline.com


Chinese – SurvivalPhrases

No longer updated but there are 16 free episodes still available online. SurvivalPhrases.com is an innovative and fun way of learning the Chinese language and culture at your own convenience and pace.

XML: http://survivalphrases.com/chinese/feed Website: http://survivalphrases.com/chinese/


Dimsum Hanyu Pinyin – Learn Mandarin Chinese

There are 11 episodes. No longer updated.

XML: http://www.languagedomus.com/rss/module/1 


Podcast – Everyday Chinese Expressions (Mandarin)

Another podcast that hasn’t been updated in a long time but there are still 5 free episodes available.

XML: http://feeds.feedburner.com/EverydayChineseExpressions 



Here is the OPML file of all the above-listed podcastschina-podcasts.opml