Wangfujing St Beijing

Wangfujing St. is one of the largest and most well known shopping streets in Beijing. Featuring a mix of large modern department stores, luxury brand name outlets, small retail shops and markets. What’s interesting is that this has been an active commercial street for over 700 years!

Photo: The southern end of Wangfujing St

The street is pedestrian only with plenty of room, which is fortunate for the many thousands of people visit here daily! The street is quite long and if you like shopping you could loose a day here no problem. Or maybe longer.

The photo below is of the Beijing APM (Song Don An) on Wangfujing St. Its a huge ultra modern mall featuring a mix of food and retail. Another large mall is the Intime Lotte Department store which features many luxury brands such as Gucci, Armani etc.

Beijing APM mall/shopping centre

 There’s also plenty of action in the side streets around Wangfujing, including a little street/alley way that is packed with interesting market stalls, and packed with people too!

A side alley off Wangfujing. This was a quite spot!

There’s also plenty of places to eat including the usual suspects like McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks etc etc but much more interesting is some of the street vendors as per the photo below.

Hungry? How about millipedes, beetles or scorpions? Live scorpions...that is.

Don’t be worried about the freshness as many of the skewered delicacies are still wriggling while on display! You might think that a food stall thats frying up skewered scorpions, beetles, starfish and who knows what else, might be a bit of a unique thing, but not on Wangfujing Street. 

At night, there’s a whole strip of street stalls that serve up lots of things you’d rather treat with insecticide than eat… Thats probably not too fair, to be honest it all smells really good, but on this night it was feast of dumplings at restaurant around the corner for me.

Plenty of who knows what to choose from..

Wangfujing Street Map inc. nearby 4 star+ hotels

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One thought on “Wangfujing St Beijing

  • March 11, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    be carefull about girls in wangfujing street

    we went to beijing 2 month ago and took a hotel near wangfujing street
    at nights shops closed at 9 pm, 3 girls talked to us in english and they said they want to learn more english language and wants to beside us to go to cafee or drink something, we accepetd and they took us to a bar near wangfujing (ktv bar) after one hour we drinked little and they want to pay money ourselfs, they closed the firstfloor door and wants we pay 2000 yuan for 5 bear in one hour??!!!!
    also after we struggled too much we paid 500 yuan and they open the door , very bad night
    every nights after the shops closed 2 or 3 girls together close to foreigns travelers and want to speak and learn more english language and go to a bar!!!
    be carefull and don’t go with them especially at nights in wangfujing street

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