The Top 15 Spa Hotels in Beijing & a Hot Tip for Beijing Travelers

I remember Beijing well, so many places to explore, so much walking, so many activities, and the flu. That’s Beijing, it can really wear you out because it’s simply one destination that there is so much to take in, and so much to do. So, make sure to plan for a pitstop and some time for rejuvenation.

How? Here’s my tip, book yourself in for one night, at least, at a superb hotel that offers loads of amenities then sit back and chill. Don’t let fatigue destroy your plans or distract you from getting the most out of your time in the city.

Set up a day with no plan, no buses, no crowds, no metro, no maps, just relax, Beijing style. And for that very purpose here is a list of the top spa hotels in Beijing. Get a massage, sit back in the jacuzzi, sweat it out in the sauna, fuel up in the buffet, are you with me? I’m sure you are.

Anyway, here’s the list, borrowed from GoShopBeijing