Key Travel Tips for First Time China Visitors

Key Travel Tips for First Time China Visitors

The first time in China can be an entrancing experience, put together the mysticism of Asian culture, the buzz of the staggeringly large number of people, the sheer size and scale of everything, and you’ll probably be on a starry-eyed traveler high for a while. But, undoubtedly at some point you’ll have to come back to earth, this a guide to help you to not come crashing back!

A different kind of manners – the west and east has a different style of domestication, learn to live with it, because you’re not going to change the social norms of 1 billion+ people. There’s almost an every man for themselves attitude whilst not rocking the boat approach, for example, it’s oddly OK to push in front of someone else as long as it’s done peacefully and respectfully.  This lack of orderliness and queue jumping can really infuriate western travelers, particularly tired ones who I have often seen dish out a piece of their mind, and it’s for sure got to me on occasions. Just roll with it, or stand aside and offer the way to person in a rush, likely they probably smile back and offer you the way in return. So, golden rule, it’s every man for themselves, whilst, maintaining harmony, but as a foreigner it’s best to err on the side of graciousness and offer them the way. Although, if you are in the circle of family or friends, or you are seen as an ATM, you’ll probably be shown a very high level of courtesy. read more

Finding the Cheapest Flights between China and Australia

If your’e hunting for discount flights between China and Australia, read on. This post features some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered, plus links to great sites for flight deals between Australia and China.

Here’s a list of airlines, with their flight routes (in no particular order):

Qantas Flies between:
Brisbane <> Hong Kong
Sydney <> Hong Kong
Sydney <> Shanghai
Melbourne <> Hong Kong
Perth <> Hong Kong

 Jetstar Flies between:
Melbourne < via Singapore > Beijing
Melbourne < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Melbourne < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Melbourne < via Singapore > Macau
Sydney < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Sydney < via Singapore > Macau
Sydney < via Singapore > Guangzhou (starting in Dec 2011)
Adelaide < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Adelaide < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Adelaide < via Singapore > Macau
Perth < via Singapore > Beijing
Perth < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Perth < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Perth < via Singapore > Macau read more