Taobao Alternatives in China

Taobao is China’s undisputed king of online shopping malls in China, and is the local equivalent of ebay in many ways. Traders can list their products online and reach out to a large audience who can easily locate and compare goods of just about any type.

Whilst prices can be cheaper at Taobao, as you would expect due to retailers not needing to pay rent and so on, many locals will tell stories of being duped, poor quality, receiving fakes or copy goods, not receiving things at all and so on. My experience has been mostly good, I try to buy from sellers with a strong reputation and those that are keen to keep their rep. Buyers in China place a lot of importance on comments and ratings left by previous buyers before they make a purchase. One bad comment can apparently kill a product so genuine long term sellers will work hard to keep a good rep, even so far as offering inducements for positive feedback, which probably corrupts things a bit, but anyway… read more