Lets eat…. Fruit

Lets eat…. Fruit

Here’s a rough guide to fruits you are likely to come across in your travels around China.

Chinese Pear (Táng lí-唐梨)
Season: Autumn

Passion fruit (Bǎixiāng guǒ-百香果/熱情果)
Season: midsummer

Common Fig (Wúhuāguǒ-無花果)
Season: July and September

Persimmon (Shì-柿)
Season: September to December.

Star Fruit (楊桃)
Season: September to April

Chinese plum (李子)
Season: April to May

Green Plum (青梅)
Season: April to May

Yumberry (楊梅)
Season: May to June

Pomegranate (紅石榴)
Season: August to September
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