The Great Wall (BaDaLing Section) Beijing

As the tour bus left the Ming Tombs the guide started talking about jade (an ornamental stone), and then tea, my eyes rolled into the back of my head….to explain; its quite common for tour services to take gullible foreigners to ‘jade galleries’ and tea houses featuring ‘genuine green tea’ for sale. The guide started with a big long story about how important jade (an ornamental stone found) is in Chinas history, which it probably is, and then how theres ‘good and bad’ jade, blah. blah…and then, so lucky for us, there happens to be an exculsive jade showroom just around the corner! Read More.....» »

Silk Street Market Beijing

Well known and well visited by tourists, the Silk Market is seven floors of clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, leather goods, traditional Chinese crafts, calligraphy, carpets, home fabrics, paintings, hand-knitted dresses, toys, trinkets and souvenirs, fine jewellery and more. There are also plenty of custom tailors for suits etc.etc. Most stall operators speak english. Read More.....» »

Ya Show Clothing Market (Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market) Beijing

Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market is five floors of clothing and fashion (notice its name can sometimes be translated as Ya Show or Yashou or even Yaxui!). Including mens and womens clothes, suits, womens bags, luggage bags, leather goods, shoes and more. It’s located right next door to Sanlitun Village, a new and ultra modern shopping complex featuring many big brand name stores. Read More.....» »