Finding the Cheapest Flights between China and Australia

If your’e hunting for discount flights between China and Australia, read on. This post features some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered, plus links to great sites for flight deals between Australia and China.

Here’s a list of airlines, with their flight routes (in no particular order):

Qantas Flies between:
Brisbane <> Hong Kong
Sydney <> Hong Kong
Sydney <> Shanghai
Melbourne <> Hong Kong
Perth <> Hong Kong

 Jetstar Flies between:
Melbourne < via Singapore > Beijing
Melbourne < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Melbourne < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Melbourne < via Singapore > Macau
Sydney < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Sydney < via Singapore > Macau
Sydney < via Singapore > Guangzhou (starting in Dec 2011)
Adelaide < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Adelaide < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Adelaide < via Singapore > Macau
Perth < via Singapore > Beijing
Perth < via Singapore > Hangzhou
Perth < via Singapore > Hong Kong
Perth < via Singapore > Macau read more

Kualu Lumpur to Chengdu via Air Asia

I dont think I’ll ever forget the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu on Air Asia (KUL to CTU flight D72626), only for the reason that it was my first real introduction to what was in front of me. And the fact that, for me at least, I was about to enter a new world.

I dont know how many people fit on an Airbus a330-300 but it’s a lot, and out of all those people I was the only westerner, nothing like being the odd one out! Otherwise the flight was like any other and took off smoothly, until the seat belt light went out…thats when I got my first ‘welcome to china’ moment…. read more

The Air Asia Experience – Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on the way to China

Choosing an airline was quite easy as Air Asia was by far the cheapest airline to get into China from Australia. At the time, Air Asia was under a third of the cost of the other airlines going in that direction.

As a comparison the flight with Air Asia cost a total of $251 (Melb to KL) where as Qantas economy to Kuala Lumpur was between $708 and $2906. The next leg from KL to Chengdu on Air Asia totaled $77, so the total into China was $328 while on Qantas a semi direct flight into Chengdu is around the $1400. read more