Fuyulou Changdi Inn and Hukeng Village

After a full day tour of the tulou buildings it was back to the Fuyulou Changdi Inn just in time for a tea drinking session with the owner and guests. Here they grow there own tea, and it’s good gear, so good, I made sure to take some home. After an hour of solid tea drinking it was time for dinner, and fortunately they have english menu, and even a French menu too! Read More.....» »

Macau Accommodation: Pousada Marina Infante Hotel Macau

Accommodation in Macau is nowhere near as cheap as the mainland, and can even be on par with western hotel prices during busy periods. After searching Hotel Club, eLong and cTrip to find the cheapest, most reasonable hotel in Macau, at the time, Hotel Club ended up having the best deal and I stayed at the Pousada Marina Infante Hotel Macau. Accommodation in Macau is a little like Hong Kong in that you need to book in advance to get really good deals. Read More.....» »

Cheap Hong Kong Hotels: Mirador Mansions

Mirador Mansions on Nathan Rd of Tsim Sha Tsui is an extremely well known building that has been frequented by travellers to Hong Kong for many many years. The building takes up the whole block width ways and is about 15 stories high, and was built back in the 70’s is my guess. For many years it has been home to several different independently run hostels, including the well known Cosmic Guest House. Read More.....» »

The Melody Hotel and Where to Stay in Xian

Stupidly, I hadn’t booked a hotel when I went to Xi’an and by the time I got on the bus from the airport I was starting to get a little nervous. Fortunately as I got off the bus in the center of Xi’an it stops right out the front of the Melody Hotel. I walked straight in and booked a room, probably paying twice what I would have had I booked via the net…. Read More.....» »

The Traffic Hotel Chengdu

The Traffic Hotel is located south of central Chengdu along side the Nanhe River. Right next door to the hotel is the Xinnanmen Bus Station (Tourism Passenger Transport Centre) which is the Chengdu’s main bus station with services to many long distance destinations like Emei, Leshan, Jiuzhaigou and many more places in Sichuan Province. Read More.....» »