Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou

Stretching for over 1 kilometer along Shangjiu Rd, Xia Jui Rd and Dishifu Rd in Liwan District Guangzhou, the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Mall is home to hundreds of shops including several malls and many great restaurants.

Shangjiu Rd

 This is one of Guangzhou’s older streets and features an interesting mix of old European and Chinese architecture. Much of shopping streets older buildings look recently renovated which I guess was part of the city’s preparation for the Asian Games.

The start of Disifu Rd
Dishifu Rd
Statues line the walking street
Dishifu Rd
Inside Liwan Plaza

Li Wan Plaza is one of the many department stores/malls on the shopping street and turned out to be a great place to get breakfast. Shops don’t open until ten, thus the empty mall, but several shops in the mall are open for breakfast and one of those is located up on the fourth floor serving up and excellent dim sum, even better was the price, 2 well fed people for under 50RMB (~8aud) is always great value, particularly when it tastes this good.

cantonese restaurant at Li Wan Plaza

 The street has a mix of brand name retail stores, clothes shops, fashion accessories, department stores with just about everything. There’s also several buildings packed (opposite Liwan Plaza) with market stalls where you can bargain hard on locally made products, clothes and more.

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Map featuring Hotels near the pedestrian shopping street.

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