Sanshui District of Foshan

Whats in Sanshui? A giant sleeping Buddha that’s what! The small city is about an hour by train or bus from Guangzhou and the main attraction is the Forest Park which features scenic areas, a go kart track, Confucius Temple and Crocodile Park. For accommodation I stayed at the Sanshui Garden Hotel, which is OK, some English speaking staff can be found there.

The Giant Buddha and The Confucius Temple are both located within the Forest Park. I went during the week and saw no other way than to walk from the entrance to the Buddha which took 15 minutes or so, many on weekends when there’s lots of people they have small carts running… The walk isn’t too bad though. The temple is close to the entrance and go kart track, and it looks like they are building a temple further inside the park.

The Confucius Temple is a wonderful place to explore:

The park is a short taxi ride from the city center. Also in Sanshui is the Lotus World Flower park but on this trip I’m off to Foshan city.

Map Location of Sanshui and Giant Buddha

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