Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

In 1937/38  Nanjing was witness to one of worlds haunting events, being the massacre of some 300000 people at the hands of invading forces. At that time Nanjing was the capital of China and Japanese forces had taken control of the city and during the first six to eight weeks of their occupation had performed indescribable atrocities.

The memorial was built in 1985, and later updated and expanded to cover 28000 square metres. It’s located on the original site where the holocaust took place.

Large granite statues and structures and the thoughtful use of significant spaces make for a solemn place of reflection. Inside the buildings there are collections of artefacts from the time, exhibits, along with a documentary that runs on a large screen.

One purpose built building serves as a tomb, upon walking through and looking down from the railing onto the exposed ground the many remains of those ill-fated can be seen.

The memorial serves many purposes, along with being a tomb and memorial, there are strong messages made of the need for international peace. It also serves as a national education base for patriotism.