A Journey through China, [in Pictures]

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A Journey through China, [in Pictures]
Chinas Top Food Cities
Let's Eat…… Snacks
lets eat.. Cicada
Shaoguan and Nanhua Temple
兴隆寺 Xingfu Longgu Temple – Qingyuan
A morning at Fei Lai Temple of Qingyuan
太和古洞 Qingyuan Taihe Ancient Cave
No Google in China? Here's Some Essential Alternatives
Beating the heat
Lets eat…. Fruit
Let's Eat…… Fungus
Let the Migration Begin – Spring Festival and Chinese New Year 2014
Understanding Chinese Society through Ancient Sages
Cell Phones and Mobile Internet in China
Hotel Breakfasts in China – What to Expect
An Introduction to the Chinese Cuisines
Key Travel Tips for First Time China Visitors
China Holiday Dates and When NOT to Travel
Qingyuan – A perfect escape from Shenzhen (or Guangzhou!)
A day in Zhongshan
A day in Foshan City
Sanshui District of Foshan
OYC Hotel & Convention Center at Seven Star Crags Zhaoqing
Zhaoqing and Dinghu Mountain
Basic Chinese for Travelers – Phrases + Links to Apps and Free Learning Tools
Trains in China – A guide for travelers
Money in China – a guide to Currency, Denomination and Buying stuff
A day in Zhuhai
Fenghuang of Hunan Province – an Escape from Modernity
Maanshan and the Tang Dynasty Poet Li Bai
The Presidential Palace Nanjing
Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall
Nanjing Museum
Confucius Temple Nanjing (Fuzimiao Scenic Area)
Zhonghuamen Gate Nanjing
Welcome to Nanjing [+ hotel and attraction map]
China's Domestic Airlines – Booking Flights in China
From Shenzhen to Hefei to Fuyang to Maanshan
My First Chinese New Year
Spring Festival Travel: China's Annual Migration Begins
China and it's now ubiquitous 'Cycling Device'
It's Christmas in China…
Shenzhen: Dongmen Pedestrian Street – A Mall of Shopping Malls
Shenzhen gets a new luxury brand shopping center: KK Mall
The Shenzhen China Hi Tech Fair – More than just Robotic Dolphins
Dafen Village Shenzhen
Guandong Victory Hotel Shamian Island Guangzhou
Beijing Road in Guangzhou
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou
Shamian Island, Guangzhou
Sea Battle Museum & Weiyuan Fort at Humen
Accommodation in Humen: the Grand Noble Hotel
Clothes and Fashion in Humen China
Humen Town of Dongguan China
Shenzhen Minsk World – The Ex-Russian Aircraft Carrier
Xiamen to Shenzhen Bus
Xiamen Hulishan Beach and Huli Hill Fort
V Inn Hotel Xiamen
Welcome to Xiamen of Fujian Province China
Fuyulou Changdi Inn and Hukeng Village
A Day at the Hakka Tulou Buildings of Fujian Province China
From Yongding Station to Hukeng Village
The K636 Train – Shenzhen to Yongding
My First Ride in an Electric Taxi (Shenzhen, China)
More Photos of Macau…
Macau Casinos – Welcome to the new Las Vegas
The Historic Centre of Macau
Macau Fishermans Wharf
Cotai and the Cotai Strip Macau
Macau Accommodation: Ole London Hotel
Taipa Island Macau
Coloane – The Sleepy Side of Macau
Macau Accommodation: Pousada Marina Infante Hotel Macau
Welcome to Macau – The Vegas of the Orient
Shenzhen China to Macau via Ferry
What can you get for $4 at a Bakery in Shenzhen, China?
Back to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair
Dim Sum Breakfast at Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen
Guangzhou Trade Fairs: International Sourcing Expo
Guangzhou Metro (subway)
Train from Shenzhen to Guangzhuo
Catching Up in Shenzhen
Hong Kong to Shenzhen
Hong Kong – China Sourcing Fair for Electronics
Around the Streets of Hong Kong in Photos
Hong Kong Space Museum and Museum of Art
Hong Kong Museum of History
Cheap Hong Kong Hotels: Mirador Mansions
The Peak Tram – Hong Kong
The Star Ferry Hong Kong
Avenue of the Stars – Hong Kong
Shopping in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Hong Kong Harbour Symphony of Light Show
Getting a China Visa in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Accommodation: Dorsett Kowloon Hotel
Welcome to Hong Kong
Train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong
Shenzhen Accommodation: The Orient Sunseed Hotel
Shenzhen Electronics Shopping – Huaqiangbei and SEG Electronics Market
Shenzhen OCT East – It's Theme Parks, Resorts, Villages and more
Holiday Inn Nanshan, Shenzhen China
Welcome to Shenzhen, China
Flight from Shanghai to Shenzhen on Air China
The Shanghai Maglev Train
Yuyuan Garden Shanghai
Pudong District and the Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Shopping – Nanjing Road
New Asia Hotel Shanghai
Shanghai Copy Market – Going Going Gone….
Welcome to Shanghai China
Beijing to Shanghai via Train D305 – Soft Sleeper
The Lone Laowai Travellers Final Thoughts on Beijing…
The Lama Temple (YongHeGong) Beijing
The Great Wall (BaDaLing Section) Beijing
The Ming Tombs Beijing
The Summer Palace Beijing
Tian'anmen Square Beijing
The Forbidden City (Palace Museum) Beijing
Beihai Park Beijing
Travel Exhaustion and Long Days in Beijing
Jingshan Park Beijing
Sanlitun Village Beijing
Silk Street Market Beijing
Ya Show Clothing Market (Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market) Beijing
Wangfujing St Beijing
Shopping in Beijing
Beijing Accommodation: The Redwall Hotel
Xian to Beijing via Train
Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Musical Fountain show
The Terra-Cotta Warriors Xian
The Xian Great Mosque
The Muslim Quarter in Xian
The Melody Hotel and Where to Stay in Xian
Welcome to Xian of Shaanxi Province China
Emei Shan – An intro to Mount Emei, Sichuan China
Leshan and the Giant Buddha
The Traffic Hotel Chengdu
The Shudu Mansion Hotel Chengdu
Flight from Lijiang to Chengdu with China Eastern Airlines
I Now Have a Student and Daughter, cheers to a Monk
Shuhe Ancient Town of Lijiang China
Jade Water Village in Lijiang
Black Dragon Pool – Jade Spring Park in Lijiang
Accommodation in Lijiang: Sleepy Inn Lijiang
Welcome to Lijiang of Yunnan Province
Flight from Chengdu to Lijiang on Air China
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Sightseeing and Attractions in Chengdu
Shopping in Chengdu
The Famous Sichuan Hot Pot
When in Chengdu try a Jiafu Fudao Massage
The Tibet Hotel Chengdu
Chengdu of Sichuan Province China
My First Day In China – In the City of Chengdu
6 Things to do when entering China for the first time
Kuala Lumpur
Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – KL LCCT Airport


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