In fall, a view to savor along the bund

Autumn, Shanghai’s most beautiful season has arrived. Unlike the sweltering summer and the cold winter and spring typically experienced in the city, the mild heat from the sun’s rays and the subtle chill of the autumn breeze combine to make this the perfect time of the year to enjoy a comfortable stroll along Shanghai’s most famous landmark, The Bund. Photojournalists Ren Guoqiang and Gao Erqiang capture the sights along this iconic stretch.

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Gongbiela Nature Reserve exemplifies ecology protection

Gongbiela Nature Reserve is located southwest of Heihe city, Heilongjiang province. Periglacial Landforms and the humid climate have provided the environmental basis for the development of various kinds of marshes. The wetland ecological condition is ideal for a diversity of plant and animal species to inhabit.

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