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Kualu Lumpur to Chengdu via Air Asia

I dont think I’ll ever forget the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu on Air Asia (KUL to CTU flight D72626), only for the reason that it was my first real introduction to what was in front of me. And the fact that, for me at least, I was about to enter a new world. Read More.....» »

Kuala Lumpur

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur on the 8th of march and the first thing to hit me was the humidity, apparently KL was experiencing some hotter days than usual. So, lucky me, I guess, as I wouldn’t be needing a hotel with a sauna or steam room! Read More.....» »

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – KL LCCT Airport

For me this is my first visit to KL and I have to admit that I really didn’t do much research about the place! So everything to me is new, interesting and sometimes confusing! Oh yeah, when you see the sign saying ‘Keleur’ with an arrow, it’s not Malay for ‘this way to KL’. Apparently it means ‘exit’, which I discovered after walking back out to the to where the plane had just landed! It had been a long day…turned out to be a great place for a quick snap of the plane. Read More.....» »