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Resource: List of Airports in China

Here’s a list of domestic and international airports in China, grouped by province, linking to the airports website where available. Many of China’s airport websites have an English version featuring useful guides on  airport transfers and procedure guides for arrivals and departures. Also see Booking flights in China Read More.....» »

Finding the Cheapest Flights between China and Australia

If your’e hunting for discount flights between China and Australia, read on. This post features some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered, plus links to great sites for flight deals between Australia and China. Read More.....» »

China’s Domestic Airlines – Booking Flights in China

My personal experience with local Chinese airline companies has been mostly good, the planes are clean, in many cases new, the service is good, and my inability to speak Chinese has never been an issue. All the flights I’ve been on have had staff with english skills, and any mesages are broadcast in both languages at a minimum.  Read More.....» »

Flight from Shanghai to Shenzhen on Air China

I chose to fly from Shanghai to Shenzhen and booked my flight via elong.com website. The service via the website is pretty good once your booking is finalised you receive a SMS confirmation and also an email confirmation. You simply show your passport at check-in and receive your boarding pass. Read More.....» »

Chengdu to Xian Flight on China Southern

I really wanted to make this trip via train, but it seemed difficult to book a ticket on short notice, plus the extremely helpfull staff at the Traffic Hotel in Chengdu where pretty keen to suggest the plane was going to be the best option. Read More.....» »

Flight from Lijiang to Chengdu with China Eastern Airlines

Lijiang Airport is pretty simple, after check-in and security check you either walk to the waiting room on the left or right depending on your departure gate number. The waiting rooms have toilets, one shop, and seats although probably not enough. Read More.....» »

Flight from Chengdu to Lijiang on Air China

I booked this flight through the airline booking service at the Tibet Hotel Chengdu. I booked it at the last minute so I’m quite sure that I paid through the nose for this flight at 790rmb for an economy seat. I think if you booked with elong or ctrip in advance you could probably get a flight for half that price. Read More.....» »

The Air Asia Experience – Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on the way to China

Choosing an airline was quite easy as Air Asia was by far the cheapest airline to get into China from Australia. At the time, Air Asia was under a third of the cost of the other airlines going in that direction. Read More.....» »