Understanding Chinese Society through Ancient Sages

Chinese philosophies, or if you like, doctrines, religions or cultural practices include Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Over thousands of years they have all played a major role in shaping Chinese culture, albeit sometimes falling in and out of favor with rulers over the centuries. Through an understanding of the different philosophies, even if only a brief look through the window, can only work towards helping to understand the nature and way of such a large society. Read More.....» »

Welcome to Nanjing [+ hotel and attraction map]

Nanjing is located in Jinagsu province of which it is the capital. It’s a beautiful city, it’s modern and has a progressive feel. It has a long history dating back as far to 472 BC, and has been the home of many of Chinas emporers thus giving the city a rich treasure trove of cultural relics and historic sites. The city has also been central in the formation of modern China. Read More.....» »

Shenzhen: Dongmen Pedestrian Street – A Mall of Shopping Malls

Here is another one of those traditional Chinese shopping districts that I’ve come to admire, they span for block after block, most of them have been operating for centuries, they’re vibrant, teaming with life, and they’re packed with keen sellers waiting to do deals. These traditional market places have soul, and character that the modern shopping complexes just don’t have. And the Dongmen market area of Shenzhen is no different. Read More.....» »

A Day at the Hakka Tulou Buildings of Fujian Province China

The south east region of Fujian Province in China is a quite picturesque green mountainous landscape that has long been a home to many of one of Chinas minority groups the Hakkas.  The Hakkas are probably most well known for cuisine, culture but mostly for their very unique homes of which many still standing today date back over 700 years old. Read More.....» »

Welcome to Shanghai China

My first introduction to Shanghai was similar to that of Beijing, another taxi driver that sees a foreigner as dollar signs. As I walked out of the Shanghai Station I walked straight up to the cab rank and was fortunate to find a couple of drivers who spoke english. I told them the hotel I was staying at and one said no problem, so I started to throw my stuff in his boot. Its on the meter right? I asked, no meter, 100 RMB he replied. Read More.....» »

The Great Wall (BaDaLing Section) Beijing

As the tour bus left the Ming Tombs the guide started talking about jade (an ornamental stone), and then tea, my eyes rolled into the back of my head….to explain; its quite common for tour services to take gullible foreigners to ‘jade galleries’ and tea houses featuring ‘genuine green tea’ for sale. The guide started with a big long story about how important jade (an ornamental stone found) is in Chinas history, which it probably is, and then how theres ‘good and bad’ jade, blah. blah…and then, so lucky for us, there happens to be an exculsive jade showroom just around the corner! Read More.....» »

Ya Show Clothing Market (Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market) Beijing

Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market is five floors of clothing and fashion (notice its name can sometimes be translated as Ya Show or Yashou or even Yaxui!). Including mens and womens clothes, suits, womens bags, luggage bags, leather goods, shoes and more. It’s located right next door to Sanlitun Village, a new and ultra modern shopping complex featuring many big brand name stores. Read More.....» »