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Cotai and the Cotai Strip Macau

Joining the islands of Taipa and Coloane is Cotai. This little piece of reclaimed land is home to some of Macaus newest and most opulent hotel casino developments. This whole area is a landmark development primarly by the US Las Vegas Sands Corp. who originally planned for seven resort hotels and casinos. Read More.....» »

Hong Kong to Shenzhen

After leaving the China Sourcing trade fair and I headed back to Mong Kok and picked up my passport with its new visa, then from there to Tsim Sha Tsui to get my bag from the Cosmic Guest House. Then in a taxi over to Hung Hom Station to catch the train to Lo Wu (note its called Lo Wu on the Hong Kong side and Luo hu or Luohu on the Shenzhen side) which is the entry point to China mainland leading into the city of Shenzhen. Read More.....» »

Hong Kong – China Sourcing Fair for Electronics

It turned out that I happened to be in Hong Kong at a good time, just when the China Sourcing Fair was on. The China Sourcing Fair is a series of trade shows which each run for several days at the Asia-World Expo site near Hong Kongs Airport. Read More.....» »

Around the Streets of Hong Kong in Photos

Read More.....» »

Hong Kong Space Museum and Museum of Art

On Tuesdays they’re both free, so why not take a look at the Space Museum and the Museum of Art. The museums are located next to each other on the harbour at Tsim Sha Tsui next to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Read More.....» »

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum is a fascinating walk through the history of Hong Kong, the exhibition covers right from the formation of the Island itself, it’s natural heritage, the British colonisation and through to the modern day. Read More.....» »

Cheap Hong Kong Hotels: Mirador Mansions

Mirador Mansions on Nathan Rd of Tsim Sha Tsui is an extremely well known building that has been frequented by travellers to Hong Kong for many many years. The building takes up the whole block width ways and is about 15 stories high, and was built back in the 70′s is my guess. For many years it has been home to several different independently run hostels, including the well known Cosmic Guest House. Read More.....» »

The Peak Tram – Hong Kong

An icon of Hong Kong that just should be missed, this amazing tram has been operating since 1888, and has apparently has never had a day out of service! I’m glad I got to the tram when it opened, and enjoyed a relaxed ride up the peak. Later on through the day the place becomes over run with tour groups and the tram gets packed! Read More.....» »

The Star Ferry Hong Kong

Stra Ferry is a company that operates a ferry service that joins the Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island.  Read More.....» »

Avenue of the Stars – Hong Kong

Located on the harbour shore at Tsim Sha Tsui the Avenue of Stars is pedestrian path which along the way showcases the Hong Kong film industry via statues and story boards. There’s not that much to see, but it’s a great place for a stroll while enjoying the excellent views of Hong Kongs Victoria Harbour. Read More.....» »

Shopping in Hong Kong

Many Chinese mainlanders visit Hong Kong for one simple reason, shopping. This mainly due to many items in Hong Kong being tax free. Hong Kong has a mix of modern retail departments stores, big luxury brand stores, shopping streets through to street markets. Read More.....» »

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

The harbour is a key feature of Hong Kong and really makes Hong Kong the special place that it is. The harbour has long been a trade port but also offers a visual feast for the visitor! The views really are something. Read More.....» »

Hong Kong Harbour Symphony of Light Show

Victoria Harbour at Hong Kong for me was Hong Kongs main draw card, it’s one unique view that shouldn’t be missed. And it gets even better at 8pm every night when what they call the ‘Symphony of Lights’ begins. Read More.....» »

Getting a China Visa in Hong Kong

My 30 day visa for mainland China had expired and even though I had only been in Hong Kong for a day I knew that I wanted to go back and explore more of China. So, it’s off to do a visa application for China while in Hong Kong. Read More.....» »

Hong Kong Accommodation: Dorsett Kowloon Hotel

Formerly known as the Dorsett Olympic Hotel, the place has 141 rooms and is located on Anchor St at the northern end of Kowloon in the area known as Tai Kok Tsui. It’s well back from the main attraction of the Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour but close to Mong Kok which will please shoppers. Read More.....» »