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Guandong Victory Hotel Shamian Island Guangzhou

If your looking for accommodation in Guangzhou and you’re after somewhere peaceful to stay, I think it would be pretty hard to beat Shamian Island. It’s relaxed, peaceful but still only a short taxi fare to the major shopping streets and main tourist attractions of the city. Read More.....» »

Beijing Road in Guangzhou

Another of Guangzhou’s interesting streets is Beijing Road, it’s also a commercial street and again it’s packed with shops, malls and restaurants. Beijing Road is a little more cosmopolitan than Shangxiajiu Pedestrian St but some say a little more expensive too. It’s also pedestrian friendly with no cars. Read More.....» »

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou

Stretching for over 1 kilometer along Shangjiu Rd, Xia Jui Rd and Dishifu Rd in Liwan District Guangzhou, the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Mall is home to hundreds of shops including several malls and many great restaurants. Read More.....» »

Shamian Island, Guangzhou

Guangzhou, also called Canton, is the capital city of Guangdong Province. It’s a hot bed for entrepreneurs and traders as it has been for much of China’s history, but it’s also very well known for it’s culinary creations. Read More.....» »

Back to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair

After firing off an email to the organisers of the Canton Fair explaining how much I really enjoyed there entry process (see my previous visit to the Canton Fair), I got a fast response via email and an invite to return. Read More.....» »

Guangzhou Trade Fairs: International Sourcing Expo

I was actually in Guangzhou to visit the Canton Fair, but ooops, I left my passport at the hotel. For some reason, seemingly unknown to anyone, you actually need to have a passport with a valid visa to gain entry to the Canton Fair, maybe they want to keep the locals out! If so, with red hair, white skin and an Australian accent I should be able to get in, right? Read More.....» »

Guangzhou Metro (subway)

Guangzhou has a modern subway system which services a large part of the city. For me, I wanted to get from Ghuangzhou East Railway Station to Pazhou where the Canton Fair complex is. It turned out to be pretty easy, just buy a ticket at the electronic vending machine which accepts coins, 5 yuan notes and 10 yuan notes. Read More.....» »

Train from Shenzhen to Guangzhuo

I was heading to the trade fairs that are held every year in Guangzhuo, in particular the Canton Fair and lucky for me theres a regular fast train between Shenzhen and Guangzhuo East (Guangzhoudong). Read More.....» »