Inside a Walmart in China – Here’s five things you probably won’t see in a US Walmart

Chickens feet, pigs ear, and offal.. mmmm. snack time!

Supermarkets in China can be an eye-opening experience, I remember going to buy some chicken when I first moved here and, lo and behold, there was live chickens, pulled from the cage, beheaded and plucked before your eyes, it. Talk about fresh. Walmart is fairly tame, in comparison to the more traditional supermarkets, of which I’ll add some photos up in future posts. Read More.....» »

Lets Eat… Clay Pot Noodles


Claypot Noodles (罐罐面) are a popular meal in my local area, but there certainly not to be found everywhere, as I’d never really noticed them before. Just recently tried them out at a local sidewalk restaurant the other day, it’s a very popular place at lunch times and at night right through till 11 and I can see why. They serve a variety of these clay pot noodles, the one I tried was a pork bone noodle soup which tasty and a revitalizing kind of feeling, a bit like a really good chicken soup. Read More.....» »

The benefits of Goji Berry (Wolfberry)


[translated from] Goji Berry(枸杞), also known as Wolfberry, according to traditional Chinese medicine, has tonifying the liver and kidney and nourishing blood for improving eyesight, anti-aging rejuvenation and other effects. Modern medical research found that Goji also has liver and functional in preventing fatty liver. Goji contains an active ingredient theophylline, it is effective in the treatment of liver disease. Pharmacological experiments have shown that theophylline may inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver cells and promote regeneration of liver cells. Read More.....» »

Hot Tip for China Visa Renewal and Info on Shenzhen VOA/Port Visa


Here’s a hot tip. Don’t overstay your visa, they really don’t like it. Over the four years or so of staying in China I was always on time with renewing my visa, in which case I would travel to Hong Kong and get it renewed, or, go to the local PSB (Public Security Bureau) in the mainland and get it renewed there. Read More.....» »