Is it the end for Google in China? Here’s some alternatives

Thousands of expats, returned Chinese, web developers, travelers, students and the like would hope not, but things are not so well with Googles China relationship, it would appear. Most Google services including search, at any domain (.com,, etc..) have been returning “This web page is unavailable”. Whilst it’s not uncommon for certain searches to be unavailable, or for Google to be unavailable on weekends, its unusual that the whole of Google be out of action, the whole of the time. Read More.....» »

Beating the heat

image Read More.....» »

Taobao Alternatives in China

Taobao is China’s undisputed king of online shopping malls in China, and is the local equivalent of ebay in many ways. Traders can list their products online and reach out to a large audience who can easily locate and compare goods of just about any type. Read More.....» »

Lets eat…. Fruit

Here’s a rough guide to fruits you are likely to come across in your travels around China. Read More.....» »

Let’s Eat…… Fungus

China has nearly 900 species of wild mushroom,  more than 50 of which are in commercial cultivation. Mushrooms are used widely in both cooking and in traditional medicine. They are sold fresh and dried. Read More.....» »

China Blogs and News Sources – for Travelers and China Watchers

It’s really surprising just how many China blogs and news sources there now are, perhaps a reflection of China’s influence in the global scheme of things. There’s endless travelogues, personal blogs from expats, expat forums, global news agency blogs, independent news agencies along with the state owned news sources. For travelers, it really can be useful to have access to reviews, stories and guides which can help understand the whole journey ahead. Read More.....» »

Let the Migration Begin – Spring Festival and Chinese New Year 2014

It’s that time again, when a whole country goes from ON… to OFF. The Spring Festival Travel Season, or Chunyun (春运), which goes for 40 days is well underway having started Jan 16 and will finish Feb 24. Many people wont finish work until tomorrow leaving them little time to get home for the all important re-union dinner on new years eve. Most will get around 7 days off, which is a mix of official days off and days accrued from working extra days prior. Some people will take extended leave and some even stay in their hometown for the … Continue Reading Read More.....» »

Understanding Chinese Society through Ancient Sages

Chinese philosophies, or if you like, doctrines, religions or cultural practices include Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Over thousands of years they have all played a major role in shaping Chinese culture, albeit sometimes falling in and out of favor with rulers over the centuries. Through an understanding of the different philosophies, even if only a brief look through the window, can only work towards helping to understand the nature and way of such a large society. Read More.....» »

Common Scams for the China Traveler (and how to avoid them)

Human nature is the same wherever you go, so just like everywhere else, China has it’s share of good and bad. In my travels I have never had any major issues, perhaps I’m lucky, maybe just using common sense, I’m not sure. In any case, it’s best to be on the wise side by having some background knowledge of what could happen, and what has happened to others. Read More.....» »

Cell Phones and Mobile Internet in China

It goes without saying that one thing that you will definitely want to have during your travels is a cell phone or mobile. Two reasons, obviously for making and & receiving calls, but now, with the advent of smartphones it is doubles as your music player, e book reader, map, internet connection, translator and so much more. So here’s a guide for getting going: Read More.....» »

Resource: List of Airports in China

Here’s a list of domestic and international airports in China, grouped by province, linking to the airports website where available. Many of China’s airport websites have an English version featuring useful guides on  airport transfers and procedure guides for arrivals and departures. Also see Booking flights in China Read More.....» »

Hotel Breakfasts in China – What to Expect

One of the best things after a late night arrival into an unknown city is to wake up and find an awesome breakfast awaiting. So, when travelling what can you expect in a Chinese hotel, and how is the breakfast, well, here’s a guide. Read More.....» »

An Introduction to the Chinese Cuisines

Possibly the most important thing to experience whilst in China is their diverse food cultures and cuisines. They are quite proud of their culinary abilities, and rightly so, perhaps born from doing a lot with a little, they have mastered the use of natural ingredients, balancing tastes and bringing out amazing flavors. Read More.....» »

Key Travel Tips for First Time China Visitors

The first time in China can be an entrancing experience, put together the mysticism of Asian culture, the buzz of the staggeringly large number of people, the sheer size and scale of everything, and you’ll probably be on a starry-eyed traveler high for a while. But, undoubtedly at some point you’ll have to come back to earth, this a guide to help you to not come crashing back! Read More.....» »

China Holiday Dates and When NOT to Travel

There are seven holiday public holidays in China lasting from 1 day to 3 days. The holidays are lengthened by people working weekends prior and after the break, holidays such as the National Day holiday/Mid Autumn Festival period can actually become 7 day breaks or longer. Read More.....» »